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Hyperchannel 69: Reunited? And It Feels So Good?
Shatner, Nimoy, and Star Trek 3.
If you have any device plugged into the internet, you know by now that Roberto Orci wants to bring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy back together. As the site Badass Digest has reported, the script for the next film—called Star Trek 3 by many—includes a scene that features Shatner and Nimoy together. What’s more, this scene is said to be integral to the plot. How could this work? Do we even want to see it? In this episode of Hyperchannel we’re joined by Mike Schindler of our TOS show, Standard Orbit, to discuss the possibilities, as well as our thoughts on the rumor and the possibility that it could happen.
Christopher Jones
Mike Schindler
Editor and Producer
Christopher Jones
News Writer
Eric Welsby
Associate Producer
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Hyperchannel 68: Forty Eight Years of Exploration

Support Comic Creators, Get Star Trek Comics

IDW and Humble Bundle have teamed up to help raise funds for Hero Initiative. This fundraiser for the organization dedicated to helping struggling comic creators is both a chance to help the people that make comics and to get your hands on some Star Trek comics. For a donation of any amount, you will receive digital copies of 23 comics including Gold Key Archives Volume 1, Best of Klingons, and Classics Volume 1 & 2. If you donate more than the average donor you will receive these plus more up to a total package of 66 comics worth $270!

Get the comics bundle from Humble Bundle.



Mission Log Now Available on Trek.fm

We're very pleased to announce that Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast is now available on Trek.fm! You'll find Mission Log on the Trek.fm website, episodes will also be included in the Trek.fm Complete Master Feed, and you can also find Mission Log in the Trek.fm Artist Section in iTunes! 

Listen to Mission Log.



Star Trek Turns 48!

September 6th and 8th will bring the 48th anniversary of the original airings of Star Trek in Canada and the United States. The original airing of "The Man Trap" appeared first in Canada on September 6th and two days later appeared on U.S. Television on September 8th.


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Star Trek Las Vegas 2014 Recap

Another edition of Creation Entertainment's biggest Star Trek bash is in the books, and the countdown is now on as we wait for next year's gathering. More than 100 guests entertained fans over the course of four days, and the number of events crammed into that space was incredible. From science panels with NASA to cast reunions to old-school Vegas with the Star Trek Rat Pack, there was something for everyone. We recap some of the highlights from the convention.

Read the full day-by-day recaps on StarTrek.com.

Day 1: http://www.startrek.com/article/karl-urban-tng-cast-kick-off-star-trek-las-vegas

Day 2: http://www.startrek.com/article/star-trek-las-vegas-salutes-deep-space-nine

Day 3: http://www.startrek.com/article/farrell-wears-original-wedding-dress-pegg-lights-up-vegas

Day 4: http://www.startrek.com/article/star-trek-las-vegas-wraps-with-shatner-klingons


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Hyperchannel 66: Two Years to Go at Warp 5.0

Roddenberry teams up with Wikia to celebrate 50 Years Of Star Trek

We're just two years away from the golden anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's incredibly resilient creation, and to help prepare for Star Trek's big Five-Oh Roddenberry Entertainment is teaming up with Wikia. Trek Initiative is the only official Wikia community dedicated to Star Trek, and Rod Roddenberry is calling upon fans to submit videos highlighting their favorite Trek memories. It's part of a two-year trek called Warp 5.0.

Find out more about Warp 5.0.


Future-inspired Star Trek-themed bathroom has it all

Have you every felt that those times during the day when nature calls are really just wasted moments that could be spent consuming Star Trek? Well, you don't have to leave the 24th century behind just to… well, visit Ensign John. One fan has solved the problem by turning their bathroom into a monument to our favorite franchise.

Watch the video of the Star Trek-themed bathroom.


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Hyperchannel 65: Garth Goes to Vegas

Prelude to Axanar public screening set for Star Trek Las Vegas

Those who donated to the Prelude to Axanar Kickstarter, along with 100 lucky fans from the general public, got to see the premiere of the short film at San Diego-Comic Con. The reviews are pouring in and those who have seen it have been blown away. The next stop for the USS Ares will get the History Channel-style documentary in front of many more fans as AMC Town Square 18 in Las Vegas plays host to a public screening alongside Creation Entertainment's Las Vegas Convention.

Watch Prelude to Axanar.



Axanar Kickstarter for full film underway

One thing that made the success of Prelude to Axanar possible was the generous support of fans who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign. 2,123 people donated $101,171 and helped produce once of the most ambitious independent Star Trek films ever.  With Prelude now in front of fans, it's time to start work on the full Axanar film. Supporters once again have a chance to be part of the groundbreaking project as a new Kickstarter begins.

Support the Axanar Kickstarter.



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Hyperchannel 64: Celestial Spirits

Klingon Beer and Vulcan Ale to be on tap at Star Trek Las Vegas

If Star Trek is any indication, aliens have the best drinks in the galaxy. And while Romulan Ale and Samarian Sunsets may not be available here on Earth, Vulcan Ale and Klingon beer are. Thanks to The Federation of Beer, these celestial spirits will be on tap for those attending Star Trek Las Vegas.

Find out more and watch the teaser trailer.



George Takei visits The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The new documentary film by George Takei, titled "To Be Takei," is now out and as part of the promotion the Star Trek actor dropped by Comedy Central's The Daily Show to talk to Jon Stewart about his life experiences. He recounts his memories of living in a Japanese internment camp during World War II and the lessons he learned from his father about democracy.

Watch the full episode of The Daily Show.


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Hyperchannel 63: Do-It-Yourself Ship Design

StarTrek.com announces Ships of the Line design contest

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own starship? Want to be an official part of the historic 50th anniversary of Star Trek? Well, your chance has just docked. CBS and StarTrek.com announced a new contest during the Ships of the Line panel at San Diego Comic-Con that makes you a ship designer. And as the builders of interstellar craft, thirteen lucky winners will be immortalized in the 2016 Ships of the Line calendar.

Get more info and enter the contest.



TREKLAND: On Speaker Volume 3 to debut at Star Trek Las Vegas

The finale of a Star Trek series is a momentous event for both viewers and those who actually create the show. As fans we are often critical of what we see on screen without knowing the story of what went on behind the scenes. No one has stockpiled more of this in-the-moment commentary than Larry Nemecek, but as most of it was captured on old-style cassette tapes as notes for magazine articles the public has never heard it. That has changed with TREKLAND: On Speaker, and a new chapter will be revealed at Star Trek Las Vegas as Larry sheds light on the DS9 finale "What You Leave Behind." 

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Hyperchannel 62: Red Shirts at the Masquerade Ball

The Red Shirt Diaries releases teaser trailer

If you're like us, you've seen every episode of The Original Series dozens of times. Okay... hundreds. But we've always seen the stories from the perspective of the senior staff. What's life really like for the Enterprise's minions? Especially those wearing red? A ten-part comedic web series aims to show you the other side of the seniority ladder as Ensign Williams tries to stay alive to the end of the first ten episodes of TOS.

Watch the Red Shirt Diaries trailer.



Mission Log invites you to the Ball

If you're heading to Star Trek Las Vegas next week and you're a fan of Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast, John and Ken have some great events lined up for you. From "The Landing Party" in the Masquerade Bar on Wednesday to a Friday panel with Rod Roddenberry, be sure to explore the themes and issues of Star Trek with Mission Log while at the Rio.

Get the latest info from Mission Log.


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Hyperchannel 61: If This Van's a Rockin'...

Vancouver dad is selling his Star Trek boogie van

Remember the days when entering a van was like entering the Ritz? Diamond-quilte red velvet, a wet bar, and a comfortable bed wrapped in airbrushed metal featuring your favorite characters or wild animals? 1978 does, and one Vancouver dad is reluctantly letting go of his now that it's not compatible with family life.

See photos of the van.


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Hyperchannel 60: Music Across America

Star Trek: Live In Concert arrives in North America

Michael Giacchino's scores from the last two Star Trek films have been some of the greatest highlights of the franchise's big-screen relaunch. Fans in Europe have been enjoying this music in a unique way through Star Trek: Live In Concert, which most recently stopped in London at the Royal Albert Hall. Finally fans in the United States and Canada can experience these unique events as Giacchino brings the tour to North America.

Find out more about the North American tour dates and tickets.


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Hyperchannel 59: Print In a Digital Age

The Official Star Trek Magazine marks its 50th issue

Star Trek news and insights have existed in print since the early days of fandom. From simple one-page newsletters to full-color publications like Star Trek Communicator and Titan's current publication, print has long been used to deliver news and commentary on our favorite franchise. As the (now-quarterly) Official Star Trek Magazine marks its 50th issue this summer, we ponder the future of magazines and whether the format is still relevant to today's fans.

See pages from the 50th issue.


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Hyperchannel 58: Name That Planet!

Help decide the names of planets orbiting other stars

A year ago Star Trek fans mobilized in an attempt to have one of Pluto's two newly discovered moons named Vulcan. They lost out to the far more appropriate names Kerberos and Styx. Now Trekkies have another chance to put the name of Spock's home planet into real-world use thanks to the International Astronomical Union and Zooniverse—and this time the potential worlds lie beyond our solar system.

Find out more and submit your naming suggestions.


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Hyperchannel 57: Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Orci not a lock to direct Star Trek 2016 after all?

Since May, Star Trek fans have been operating under the assumption that Roberto Orci will be directing the next film, set for release in 2016—the 50th anniversary year of the Star Trek franchise. But could it be that we've all taken a rumor as fact? According to Orci, he is not yet officially involved in the project and it remains to be seen if he will in fact be sitting in the director's chair when filming begins.

Read more at 1701News.



Star Trek: Axanar teams up with Trek.fm for official podcast

Independent productions are becoming more and more common, and the majority focus on TOS. But there are many other parts of the timeline to be fleshed out, and Alec Peters is doing just that with Axanar—the story of the Four Years War between the Federation and Klingon Empire. Prelude to Axanar, a short told in the style of a History Channel special, will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con later this month, and production on the full-length Axanar feature will follow. To keep fans informed on this production, Peters has teamed up with Trek.fm to launch an official weekly podcast.

Listen to the official podcast of Star Trek: Axanar.


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Hyperchannel 56: One Hot Ornament

It's a Star Trek Christmas in July with Hallmark's 2014 ornaments

Since 1991 Hallmark has been giving the holiday season a Star Trek flair with their Keepsake Ornaments. It may only be July, but Hallmark Gold Crown stores across the United States are stocking their shelves with four new additions to this long-running line, including a helmsman, an Orion Slave Girl, a monstrous ship, and something that could be considered a fire hazard for your tree—if it were real.

See the new ornaments.



Quantum Mechanix refits your desktop

If you love collecting starships, there's a new replica headed for your desktop—and it isn't from the Official Starships Collection. Quantum Mechanix, better known as QMx, will soon introduce a metal version of the original USS Enterprise 1701 refit.

See the new QMx replica.


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Hyperchannel 55: An Enterprising Debate

Shuttle Enterprise naming process revealed in declassified memos

When it came time to name NASA's first space shuttle, Star Trek fans jumped into action and flooded the space agency with letters requesting the name Enterprise. And the campaign was successful. This is all well known. But declassified correspondence between President Ford's advisors, cabinet, and others has revealed the reasoning behind the final decision and the internal debate that almost led to the name Constitution.

Read the full piece and excerpts from the memos on io9.


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Hyperchannel 54: Of Community Importance

Star Trek Online's future to be revelead in Las Vegas

While actors and creators from the television series get most of the attention at Star Trek Las Vegas, gamers will have something special to look forward to as well this August. PerfectWorld is sending four key members of the STO team to Creation Entertainment's annual bash to tell players what they can expect in the game in the months to come. What's more, the game developer is running a contest that will see one lucky player win a pair of tickets to the convention.

Find out more about Star Trek Online Season 9.5.


Find out more about the STO Star Trek Las Vegas Ticket Giveaway.



Delaware TV station says Star Trek fulfills community importance requirement

As Star Trek fans, we know that the stories told on our television screens address real world topics that touch our lives. But does Star Trek fulfill the legal definition of community programming? One Delaware TV station is putting the rules to the test by claiming that Star Trek and other classic shows meet the license requirement for programming of community importance as defined by the FCC.

Find out more from Delaware Online.


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Hyperchannel 53: You Must Be Q

Q visits the Abramsverse in IDW's new six-part story

Rewind three years to a time when speculation about the next Star Trek villain was flying and you'll hear some suggest it should be Q. We didn't get Mr. Omnipotent as part of Into Darkness, but thanks to IDW the crew of the Abramsverse Enterprise will finally get their chance to meet the thorn in Picard's side. But how exactly will this work? On July 9 that question will finally be answered as the first issue of The Q Gambit drops.

Read the first five pages on The Trek Collective.


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Hyperchannel 52: The Nitpicker's Guide to TNG-R

Mike and Denise Okuda speak out on Blu-ray FX mistake

The attention to detail practiced by the creative team behind Star Trek: The Next Generation was incredible, particularly when it was assumed that this detail would never be seen. The HD remastering has brought out the finer points of the 24th century as well as the opportunity to "fix" problems that fans have pointed out for years. Most visual FX oddities have been corrected, but some fans are still not satisfied.

See comparisons and the "Timescape" controversy on TrekCore.


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Hyperchannel 51: To Boldly Sculpt

The Bradford Exchange will sculpt the future for you

To boldly sculpt… your own memorial? If you're looking for a way to display your allegiance to the United Federation Planets, The Bradford Exchange has a 9 inch-tall sculpture than can be personally engraved with your name and rank.

Find out more and get yours.


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Hyperchannel 50: Goldibug and the Three Ship Parts

USS Prometheus and Xindi Insectoid ship set course for your desk

For starship lovers, EagleMoss's Official Starships Collection has been like a tall glass of tranya—sweet and refreshing. Having run through most of the lead ships—like the Enterprises and Voyager—as well as the most common enemy vessels like the Klingon Bird-of-Prey and the Romulan War Bird, the collection is now turning its eyes on the obscure. Issue 24 will bring fans the very unique Xindi Insectoid Ship from Enterprise's third season, while Issue 25 will deliver the USS Prometheus and tri-vector assault mode, seen in the Voyager episode "Message In a Bottle." (No word on whether a miniature Andy Dick is included.)

Find out more and see the ships.



John Byrne hints at the future of New Visions

When John Byrne first revealed his project to create photo comics using images sourced from The Original Series, it was hard to imagine how exactly this would work. A similar idea was tried in the 1970s without success. But if anyone in the comic world could pull it off, it is John Byrne. The success of the first volume led to an ongoing series with IDW, and the result has been rich, engaging stories and unique visuals. Now, in his forums, Byrne drops hints at the future direction of New Visions.


Find out more and see the panel from issue 4.


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Hyperchannel 49: The City On the Edge of the Desert

Harlan Ellison signs on as Star Trek Las Vegas's 100th guest

Creation Entertainment's big bash in Las Vegas keeps piling on the riches for fans as they have added their 100th guest for the convention that kicks off on July 31. Joining the already star-studded roster is none other than Harlan Ellison, the famed SF writer behind possibly the most memorable of all TOS episodes, "The City On the Edge of Forever." Ellison has been working with IDW to bring his original City script to life as a graphic novel, and attendees at Star Trek Las Vegas will have a chance to learn about this directly from the author.

Find out more at StarTrek.com.


Starship Farragut to premiere "Conspiracy of Innocence"

Nine years after launch (and a decade after its conception), Starship Farragut is going strong and will premiere its fourth full episode on Saturday, July 5, at its studios in Kingsland, Georgia. "Conspiracy of Innocence" will follow a presentation of the previous episode, "The Price of Anything," and afterwards fans will have a chance to interact with the cast and crew through a Q&A, studio tour, and a meet & greet.


Find out more.

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Hyperchannel 48: A Transformed World

The Internet of Everything coming your way in 2025

With each passing year technology infiltrates more and more areas of our lives. We're more connected today than we were a year ago, but nowhere near as connected as we will be a year from now—of 16. According to a report by analysts at Thomas Reuter, the world is on course to become so connected by 2025 that even towns, cities, and continents could be digitally intertwined. Breakthroughs in medicine, food, and even teleporatation also make their list.

Read the full article on Computerworld.

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Hyperchannel 47: Pop Another Quarter in the Holodeck

Ubisoft says video games will become more immersive than the Holodeck

For gamers in 1987, the Enterprise-D represented not so much an amazing achievement in starship engineering, but rather the ultimate console. Forget about staring at pixels on a television and tapping away at a control pad. On the Holodeck, you can dress up and actually live the adventure. It may seem far-fetched—even today—but Ubisoft Toronto managing director Jade Raymond believes this is the future of the gaming. In fact, she thinks it will be even more immersive.

Read the full article on Gamespot.

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Hyperchannel 46: Redshirt Tribute

Seth MacFarlane Pledges $1 million to Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton's camaign to bring back Reading Rainbow has been nothing short of astonishing. While it might seem like a no-brainer to support something as important as children's literacy, the frantic pace at which donations have come in is still incredible. After blowing past the $1 million goal in half a day, Burton set a new goal of $5 million. With three days and roughly half a million dollars to go, Seth MacFarlane has stepped in and pledged to match all donations beyond the $4 million mark up to $1 million.

Support the Kickstarter to bring back Reading Rainbow for our children!


Like TrekNews.Net, Win a Red Shirt

No one wants to beam down wearing a red shirt. But when in the safe confines of your hometown, there's little risk in donning the bright color. In fact, you can even do so in honor of our fallen comrades from the future. Canadian illustrator Ian Wilding's new "Redshirt" design was available on TeeFury for just one day, June 27, but if you missed it there is still a way to get one. TrekNews.Net has received ten shirts from TeeFury and the Star Trek news site is giving these away to those who "like" the TrekNews.Net Facebook page. Winners will be drawn at random and all you need to do is click "like" and send you info to contest [at] trek news [dot] net.

See the shirt and find out more on TrekNews.Net.

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Hyperchannel 45: Star Trek Into Deep Space

Orci Teases Star Trek 2016 Characters and Story

If you're wondering what Roberto Orci has in store for the next Star Trek, we know a tad bit more today than we did a week ago. Orci appeared on the Nerdist podcast "Humans from Earth" and teased a few points about the possible direction of the film. In the interview he talks about embarking on the long-promised five-year mission, who the potential villain could be, how much secrecy will surround his set, and whether or not there will be a gay character in the story.

Listen to the full interview.

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Hyperchannel 44: The Film That Hated Gravity

Star Trek soars and plummets at the Saturn Awards

The 40th annual Saturn Awards have been handed out and Star Trek got mixed results. The Star Trek of the past five decades did very well, bringing in honors for the third, fourth, and fifth seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray remastering as well as a special award given to Marc Cushman for the first two volumes of These Are The Voyages: TOS, massive books that chronicle the making of The Original Series in great detail. The world of Star Trek as imagined by J.J. Abrams, however, lost all five categories in which it was nominated.

See the full Saturn Award results.

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Hyperchannel 43: Mozart in the Original Klingon

Shatner and the TNG cast to reunite in Chicago

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation has been getting together quite often the past few years. If you've missed them in other appearances, another chance is coming up on August 24 as most of the cast reunites on stage at Wizard World's Chicago Comic-Con—and once again the discussion will be led by William Shatner.

Find out more and get an exclusive lithograph through StarTrek.com.


You've never heard Mozart until you've heard it in the original Klingon

We all know that you've never heard Shakespeare until you've heard it in the original Klingon. But what about Mozart? Apparently all of our great creatives originated on Qo'noS! At the Southern Illinois Music Festival, June 27 - 29, a cast of professional actors will be putting a Star Trek twist on Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio. The comic opera will be "enhanced" by the presence of Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Klingons, and even an Orion slave girl. 

Find out more on The Southern.

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Hyperchannel 42: Is It Showtime for Star Trek?

Could Star Trek find a home on Showtime?

The rumors of a Netflix-CBS deal for a new Star Trek series simply won't die down, even as those with connections to the franchise and studio work to put them to bed. But don't worry, if the rumor does fade there is another set to take its place. What if Star Trek were headed not to Netflix, but to Showtime? It does make sense, since Showtime is owned by CBS, but is an antiquated and dying distribution model really the right choice for the next incarnation of a series about the future? A new article on 1701News makes a case for just such a move.

Read the full article on 1701News.


Nestle plans to create Star Trek's food replicator

Customization is big these days. You can make gadgets your own by choosing colors, textures, and features that fit you own unique tastes. Should nutrition be any different? Sure, you can put in the time to cook carefully planned meals, but few people have that kind of time. Global food giant Nestle wants to address this through the creation of a device that could resemble Star Trek's food replicator. The aim of the device is to tailor foods and nutrients to the individual, and to make this food available at the touch of a button. So if you like your raktajino with a (nutritious) jacarine peel, you could be sipping one within the decade.

Read more on the BBC website.

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Hyperchannel 41: From Iceland to Risa

Trekkies go on an away mission to Iceland

Few places on Earth have landscapes as diverse and breathtaking as Iceland. And with such variety of locales, a Trekkie naturally sees other worlds and adventures. When you multiply that by four you get a real away mission, which is what Andrew Jason Leung, Ken Lin, Jennifer Puno, and Mike Rousseau embarked upon during a recent visit to the country. While there the group shot an extensive set of amazing photos as they donned Star Trek threads, and to share them with the world they've set up a photo-centric website that will sweep you away to beautiful—and sometimes alien—landscapes.

View the photos.


Garrett Wang is waiting to meet you on Risa

Risa, the Star Trek social media site, is currently celebrating its one-year anniversary. To celebrate, the team over on Risa are running a special promotion and have hooked up with Garrett Wang, Voyager's Harry Kim, for an extra-special grand prize. The promotion is simple: include the hashtag #harrykim when you post a message on Risa between now and June 30, 2014. By doing so you'll be entered into a drawing for prizes, which include a video chat session with Garrett.

Visit Risa and enter the contest.

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Hyperchannel 40: Righting the Ship

Star Trek: The Compendium to combine both J.J. films plus bonus features

When Paramount released Star Trek Into Darkness on home video, the fanfare that the studio had hoped for was replaced by outrage. For those who enjoy bonus features—one of the key reasons to buy Blu-rays—there was no way to get all of the content that was produced. By splitting up the bonus content amongst various retail outlets, Paramount angered fans and shot themselves in the foot. Finally our voices have been heard and a new collection coming in September will bring both Abramsverse films and all existing special features into one box. A rebate offer is even in the works.

Find out more about what's included on the discs.


The Okudas talk Orci as director, Netflix, and the future of Star Trek

Few people have had more influence over the look and feel of Star Trek over the years than Mike and Denise Okuda. Dare we say no one knows more about Star Trek than they do. Having worked on every modern Star Trek series and the (non-Abramsverse) films, Mike and Denise have a unique perspective on where Star Trek has been and where it is going. In a new interview with TrekMovie.com, the Trek dream team share their thought on Robert Orci directing, the rumors of a Star Trek series on Netflix, and where they would take the franchise themselves.


Read the full interview on TrekMovie.com.

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Hyperchannel 39: New Threads for Voyager

Cross Cult brings a new look to Kirsten Beyer's Voyager

We're not sure what's in the water in Germany, but their Star Trek novel covers are always inspired. Now publisher Cross Cult is combining their inspired creativity with that of author Kirsten Beyer with new artwork for the German releases Full Circle and Unworthy. The matching pair feature Tom and B'Elanna (one on each) along with Cross Cult's interpretation of the USS Voyager refit and the USS Planck, which Mark Rademaker did for the 2012 Ships of the Line calendar.

View the covers at The Trek Collective.


Team Aegle brings youth to the tricorder technology race

If you're a Star Trek fan you've most certainly heard by now about the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. But while you may be expecting most of those working on the technology to be seasoned engineers, a group of undergraduates are throwing their passion and skills into the ring. Team Aegle, a spinoff of the Johns Hopkins-based Aezon, is led by Tatiana Rypinski and brings youth and enthusiasm together to work on some of the toughest problems facing the world. Their sights are currently set on making Star Trek technology real.

Find out more and watch the video with Tatiana Rypinski.

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Hyperchannel 38: To Be Takei

Star Wars VIII director Rian Johnson reviews J.J. Abrams Star Trek

While J.J. Abrams is behind the camera of Star Wars Episode VII, he will not be directing the eighth installment of the franchise. That honor goes to Rian Johnson, who will also be calling the shots on Episode IX. So it's looking like the new Star Wars trilogy might be more of a "Johnson Joint" than an Abrams one. Back in May 2009, Johnson guested on the /Filmcast to review J.J.'s first Star Trek outing. Slashfilm has brought the episode back to the surface now that the two directors will share a franchise, and it's an interesting look back at when Star Trek was first rebooted.

Listen to the podcast.


To Be Takei coming first to DirecTV

George Takei is best known for playing Hikaru Sulu on The Original Series, and in recent years he has become one of the most vocal members of the original cast. A champion for human rights and equality, Takei uses his Star Trek notoriety to make a difference in the world. With more than 7 million Facebook fans, Takei actively connects with us all daily. A new documentary titled To Be Takei will chronicle the life of the actor from his childhood in a World War II internment camp through his work on Star Trek and beyond. The documentary, which opens in theatres August 22, will premiere on DirecTV first and run from July 3 through the 5th to give fans an early peek.

Find out more about the documentary.


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Hyperchannel 37: Stealing Scotty's Jacket

Alternate Krenim temporal weapon ship designs discovered

In the Voyager episode "Year of Hell," scientist-gone-mad Annorax possessed one of the most dangerous weapons in Star Trek, a temporal weapon ship. This giant vessel with its unique shape and beam that could literally push its target out of the space-time continuum almost did in Janeway and her crew. We all know what this ship looked like in the episodes, but as it turns out it wasn't always quite what we saw. Just after finishing the magazine that accompanies the Official Starships Collection reproduction, Eaglemoss uncovered some lost designs by artist Rick Sternbach.

See Sternbach's designs at StarTrek.com.


Scotty's jacket goes under the gavel in Belfast

In The Search for Spock, Scotty helped Kirk steal the Enterprise. And now some lucky person in Belfast gets to steal Scotty's jacket. Well, not steal it… but get it at a potentially bargain-basement price. More than 1,000 pieces of rare sci-fi memorabilia seized from a criminal couple are going on auction in the Northern Ireland city and include not only six sets of costumes from Star Trek but also items from Star Wars and Doctor Who.

Find out more from the Belfast Telegraph.

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Hyperchannel 36: There. Is. One. Disc!

Paramount confirms 2016 release date for third J.J. Abrams Star Trek

It's been generally known for some time now that Paramount was targeting 2016, the 50th anniversary year of the Star Trek franchise, for the release of the third J.J. Abrams film. At the CineEurope conference in Barcelona today, Paramount confirmed that "Star Trek 3," as it is currently being called, is indeed slated for release in 2016. Roberto Orci will direct and also pen the story together with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. While the film seems to be moving along at a fairly steady pace, there is still no word on plot details nor casting rumors, although tweets by Orci appear the indicate filming in the spring.

Find out more.


DVD Talk breaks down "Chain of Command" Blu-ray release

When the Star Trek: The Next Generation remastered project reached the first (and greatest) cliffhanger in the series, "The Best of Both Worlds," the producers decided to pay proper tribute to the landmark story with a feature-length standalone release. The trend has continued with "Redemption," "Unification," and now "Chain of Command." The powerful sixth-season episodes in which Picard is captured and tortured by Cardassians, have been merged into one long story complete with special bonus features available on the standalone Blu-ray only. To help you dig into the special release, Randy Miller III of DVD Talk has released a comprehensive breakdown.


Read DVD Talk's review of the "Chain of Command" Blu-ray.

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Hyperchannel 35: The Comic On the Edge of Forever

3D printer head to the International Space Station

We've been hearing a lot about 3D printers recently. In fact, we know many people using them. And in August this seeming predecessor to the replicator will be taking to the stars as Made In Space sends the first additive manufacturing technology, or 3D printer, to the International Space Station. The purpose of sending the printer into space is to test the technology’s ability to function in zero-gravity. While aboard the ISS the printer will build 21 demonstration parts—test coupons, parts, and tools. If the printer meets expectations, the technology could potentially be used to produce spare parts on demand, making space travel safer during emergency situations, as well as making the station less dependent on resupply trips.

Find out more and see photos of the printer.


IDW releases The City On the Edge of Forever, Part 1

On April 6, 1967, "The City On the Edge of Forever" aired and became one of the most famous Star Trek episodes of all time. But while this tale of time travel and altered futures is amazing, it isn't quite the story that Harlan Ellison wrote. Now IDW brings us a graphic novel adaptation of Ellison's original script, and the first issue of the four-part miniseries was released today. Readers will notice the changes right off the bat as the unique and fitting art style pulls us into a city on the edge of forever that is quite different from the one we remember.

Get the first issue.

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Hyperchannel 34: Bring Out the Badmiral In You

ANOVOS wants to make you a Badmiral

One of the perks of reaching flag rank is the uniform. Anyone who has seen more than a handful of Star Trek episodes has noticed that admirals get to pimp their threads. And it seems that there is something in the shoulder pads, the gold lining, or the belt buckle that turns an otherwise understanding new admiral into a "badmiral." If you want to command the room at your next convention, ANOVOS can help you do it in style with their new painstakingly reproduced Starfleet admiral's tunic.

See the tunics and get more details.


Star Trek MMO coming to fluidic space near you

If you've been itching to take the fight back to Species 8472, NGames will soon give you the chance in a new MMO the company is developing. The story centers around "fluidic space," that mysterious realm first revealed in the Voyager episode "Scorpion" that is home to the mysterious tri-legged Species 8472. With a heavy emphasis on combat, the free-to-play game on Game321.com will give players the ability to create ships and fleets to use in battle as they make their way through this unusual part of the universe.

Find out more about the game.

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Hyperchannel 33: The Other Side of the Mirror

Star Trek Continues premieres "Fairest of Them All"

The long awaited third episode of Star Trek Continues has finally been unveiled on June 15 at Supanova in Syndey. Returing to the Mirror Universe, "Fairest of Them All," follows up immediately after the Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror" and tells the story of what happened aboard the ISS Enterprise when the mirror landing party returned to the ship. The cast of STC gathered in Australia for the premiere, and the episode is now also available for viewing worldwide on YouTube and Vimeo.

Watch the episode!


Abandoned Abramsverse horses and fish come out to play

We only spent a short time on Nibiru at the beginning of Star Trek Into Darkness. And while the scenes were memorable, there was much more in the works that got nixed for time and budget. Alfonso De La Torre, a conceptual illustrator who worked on the film, has released images that he created for Into Darkness showing several creatures native to Nibiru, including a horse, insect, and some fish. 

View the images and find out more at ComicBookMovie.com.

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Hyperchannel 32: Mysteries That Make Your Head Bobble

Star Trek set to invade Boston

As Chicago recovers from a Trek invasion, the next city bracing itself for impact is Boston. On Saturday and Sunday, June 21 and 22, Star Trek actors from across all series will land at the John B. Hynes Convention Center, headlined by Captain Sisko himself, Avery Brooks. Joining Brooks will be Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, Terry Farrell, Robert Beltran, Tim Russ, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Roberty O' Reilly, J.G. Hertzler, Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg, John Billingsley, and Garrett Wang. The event will also feature a costume parade and a first look at the new strategy roleplaying game, Star Trek Timelines.

Get more info and tickets.


Data and Geordi get big heads

There's no doubt that Data and Geordi are smart. No one can pull off an engineering plan or a technological ploy and then give a PowerPoint about it like these bosom buddies. But sometimes all that smarts goes to your head. This seems to be the case with the latest offering from BifBangPow! Those attending San Diego Comic-Con in July can pick up bobble heads of Data as Sherlock Holmes and La Forge as Watson.

See the bobble heads. The game's afoot!

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Hyperchannel 31: Your Holographic Abode

Is Lowe's Developing Holodeck Technology?

Having trouble visualizing that next home improvement project? Wish you could just tell the computer what you'd like it to create? Lowe's, the hardware and home furnishing chain, thinks this is exactly how you should go about decking out your abode. And to make this a reality, Lower's is boldly going "into new shopping experiences, launching a holograph-based virtual reality showroom dubbed the Holoroom."

Find out more at SingularityHub.


Elachi Alert Weekend Comes to Star Trek Online

If you're looking to slam the door on subspace and earn extra rewards at the same time, you'll want to make sure you log into STO for Elachi Alert Weekend from now until Monday, July 16, at 10 p.m. Pacific. Help protect the scientific fleet that is working to close the gateways and earn 50% bonuses on mark rewards.

Find out more on the Star Trek Online website.

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Hyperchannel 30: Passing the Bechdel Test

Trek comic righting social wrongs of Trek canon

Star Trek is all about diveristy and inclusiveness, but what exactly those words means changes over time. Comic writer Mark Farinas aims to correcting many of what he sees as massive social oversights in Trek canon through his artwork and stories on trekcomic.com. The first serial, entitled "No Good Deed," is set at the end of the Earth-Romulan War and features an openly gay captain. However, the captain’s homosexuality is not a plot point; it’s only a piece of characterization. The  second serial, "Weapons of Mass Destruction," began last week and features a group of outlaws on the planet Tellar that is led by a woman.

Find out more and read the comics.


Star Trek actors join Reading Rainbow Live

Unless you are completely disconnected from the Internet—and perhaps reality—you know that LeVar Burton's Kickstarter campaign shattered its $1 million goal in 12 hours. Now the one-month campaign has passed $3.6 million with three weeks to go. The new stretch goal is now $5 million and today Burton announced a series of events called Reading Rainbow Live! that will feature fellow Star Trek cast members. The shows will be available as premiums for those who contribute to the Kickstarter and guests will include Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Robert Picardo, Kate Mulgrew, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Jeri Ryan, and... wait for it... William Shatner and Patrick Stewart.

Find out more and donate on the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter page.

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Hyperchannel 29: Three Minutes of Glory

NASA engineers unveil warp ship design concept—IXS Enterprise

In 2012, NASA engineer and physicist Harold White announced he was working on a solution to the energy problem in Miguel Alcubierre’s 1994 theory for faster-than-light space travel. His goal? To reduce the requirements from the mass-energy of Jupiter to something the size of NASA’s Voyager 1 probe. Now, as part of the project, White has collaborated with Mark Rademaker to create a CGI design concept of a warp-capable ship, which they have named it the IXS Enterprise.

See the ship design.


First trailer for Prelude to Axanar revelead

Fans can now get their first look at Prelude to Axanar with the release of the first trailer—and it is incredible! Presented as a History Channel-style look back at the battle, this powerful sneak peak packs so much Star Trek glory into less than three minutes that you will be counting the days until the full release if you aren't already. See J.G. Hertzler as a Starfleet captain, Richard Hatch as a Klingon, and Tony Todd delivering a rousing speech that will get your blood pumping. And the visuals are like nothing you've ever seen in Star Trek.

Watch the full trailer on the Star Trek Axanar website.

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Hyperchannel 28: A Spock a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Spock Days are Coming to Vulcan… Alberta

If you've always wanted to visit Vulcan, there's never been a better time to go that the weekend of June 13-15. The weather is beautiful and you won't even need an extra set of eyelids to protect you. While you're there in the town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada you'll meet Nana Visitor, Rene Aberjonois, and Chase Masterson, as well as take in stargazing hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society of Calgary. There lots of Star Trek fun in store for you during the Spock days of summer.

Find out more at VulcanTourism.com


Has Netflix Teamed Up with CBS for a New Star Trek Series?

Uhm... no. They have not. But the rumor is swirling after someone misinterpreted comments from Phoenix Comicon. The story making the rounds is that Larry Nemecek broke the news to those at the convention; but this is not what happened. Larry pops in for a few minutes in this episode of Hyperchannel to clear the air and tell us what really was said.

Read more from Larry about this story on his website.

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Hyperchannel 27: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Star Trek V celebrates its 25th Anniversary

It's the film fans love to hate. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier turns 25 today and, unlike a fine wine, the public perception of it has not improved much over the years. But is the hate for Shatner's lone Star Trek directorial outing justified? While there is no arguing that the film could have been executed better, there are a number of positive elements in Star Trek V that deserve the attention of fans. On the anniversary of the film's release, we reflect on both the positive and the negative and why blue horses and magic Vulcans aren't as bad as you think.

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Hyperchannel 26: A Shatner Stampede

Shatner to Serve as Calgary Stampede Parade Grand Marshal

It's a well-known fact that William Shatner loves horses. It's also a well-known fact that he's Canadian. Sometimes those two things come together in the perfect storm, which is exactly what is happening beginning July 4 when Shatner kicks off the Calgary Stampede Parade as Grand Marshal. Captain Kirk will be joined by speed skaters Gilmore Junio and Denny Morrison as honorary marshals at the event that supports the non-profit organization. Shatner admits that, despite his love of horses, he's never been to the Calgary Stampede. We're just wondering if he might run into Captain Picard there so they can ride off into the Nexus.

Find out more about the Stampede at StarTrek.com.


Star Trek Exhibition Beams Down to Jakarta

When it comes to big Star Trek events, no one gets the goodies like the United States. England and Germany get to play in the stars from time to time, but Asia often feels like the land that Trek forgot. Fans in Indonesia, therefore, are rejoicing as Star Trek: The Exhibition has touched down in Jakarta for a six-week stay. The museum-like traveling exhibition, which include costumes, props, and even recreated sets from the television series, is currently calling Gandaria City Ground External home. 


Find out more and see photos at StarTrek.com.

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Hyperchannel 25: Printing Your Way Into Troi's Heart

Klingons Exert Influence on the International Space Station

Apparently there has been a Klingon invasion of the International Space Station—though it could have been much worse. Astronaut Steve Swanson, currently commander of the ISS (not a Mirror Universe facility), created a mission patch for Expedition 40 that paid tribute to his Star Trek fandom and the franchise's influence on society. Interestingly he did this through Klingon imagery, not Starfleet. The final patch shed the Klingon motif, but the emblem still found its way aboard the orbitting outpost.

Get more details and view the patch designs at collectSPACE.


3D Printed Food Brings Replicator One Step Closer to Reality

When you want something to eat in Star Trek, you just walk over to the wall, tell the computer what you want, and wait for it to appear. Such hands-off preparation of dinner could be closer to reality than we think. 3D printing technology is quickly moving from the realm of plastic objects to the world of cuisine. A number of companies have commercial 3D food printers coming to market, and their applications range from the creative to the practical. Culinary artisans can use them to create seemingly impossible shapes, while health-care professionals can use them to provide the elderly with more satisfying meals. The technology is even being touted at the gateway to a sustainable, eco-friendly food supply as the world's population grows.

Find out more about 3D food printing and view amazing pictures on Motherboard.

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Hyperchannel 24: There's Something Swimming on Enceladus

Robert Blackman to Judge Star Trek Las Vegas Costume Competition

It takes many talented people to put together a television show like Star Trek, and each of these creatives plays a unique role in the final product. When it comes to costume design, no one has exerted more influence over how we think about Star Trek than Robert Blackman. For nearly two decades, Blackman has directed the look and feel of Trek's threads—beginning with TNG's third season all the way through Enterprise. He will be appearing at Star Trek Las Vegas this summer—his first since the early days of modern Star Trek—where he will conduct a Q&A and judge the costume contest. As a lead up to the event, StarTrek.com has published a fascinating two-part interview with the costume genius.


Read the full interview on StarTrek.com. Part 1 and Part 2


A New Hope for Life In Space

As a Star Trek fan, chances are you would love to wake up one morning to the news that we've discovered other life somewhere out there in the cosmos. Despite our technological advancement, it feels like a long shot. But there could be hope. Dr. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institite and co-host of Big Picture Science, recently testified before Congress on this very question. Besides helping the scientifically-challenged individuals who run our country and world, Shostak also predicts that we will find extraterrestrial life (not necessarily intelligent life) within a few decades.


Listen to the episode of Big Picture Science, "A New Hope for Life In Space."

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Hyperchannel 23: Lookback Intruder

Bio Looks at the Genius of Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek"

On June 3, 1969, the final episode of Star Trek aired. But while it was the end of the original series television series, it was just the beginning of the franchise. Since that day 45 years ago, fans have continued to watch the adventures of Kirk, Spock, Bones, and the original Enterprise 1701. From those adventures we've learned about life, how to understand and respect others, and how to build technology that has changed our world. To mark this anniversary, Laurie Ulster has written a piece on the BIO website that highlights some of the genius of Gene Roddenberry's creation, and always what she has gained from watching the series over the years.

Read the full retrospective on the BIO website.


Creation Beams Into the Windy City for Star Trek Chicago

Star Trek fans in Chicago can meet some of their favorite actors in person this weekend as Creation Entertainment's official convention comes to the Windy City. The event is headlined by none other than Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, and also features heavyweights Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, and Nichelle Nichols. The convention runs from Friday, June 6 through Sunday, June 8, and includes a music video contest, costume parade, and a makeup session in which artist John Paladin will transform Suzie Plakson into K'Ehleyr.

Find out more and get your tickets.

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Hyperchannel 22: Not All Clowns Are Funny

Top 10 Least Threatening Villains

Star Trek has given us a lot of incredible villains. Khan, the Borg, and Gul Dukat comes immediately to mind. But the franchise has also given us a lot of less-than-threatening villains as well—and I'm not talking about Neelix's leola root stew. Charlie Jane Anders on io9 has compiled a list of the 10 Least Threatening Star Trek Villains, and we share out thoughts on the choices in today's Hyperchannel.

Read the full list and justifications for not being threatening on io9.

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Hyperchannel 21: Leonard McCoy's Magic Pills

Phase II: Concept Art from Mike Minor's Drawing Board

In 1977, Paramount Pictures envisioned a new five year mission for the Enterprise. Although illustrator Mike Minor (who also worked on TOS, The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan—and who was the uncredited creator of "The Tholian Web"—created concept art for the project, titled Phase II, the show was never realized. However, several pieces of Minor's concept art for the show have recently been released, showing designs for engineering, the captain’s quarters, a cargo hold, and a recreation room.

View Minor's Phase II artwork on ScienceFiction.com.


Making Dr. McCoy's Magic Pills Real

When the crew of the Enterprise traveled back to 1986 San Francisco, the most shocking thing to Bones wasn't chaotic traffic or computer input via mouse, it was the primitive state of medicine. Taking inspiration from Star Trek, doctors today are working to make things like Dr. McCoy's magic pills—which apparently grow new kidneys. A breakthrough by Gladstone Institutes allows scientists to transform skin cells into heart muscle cells, which could eventually lead to the development of Star Trek-like treatments for a wide range of ailments. 


Read the full Treknosis column on StarTrek.com

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Hyperchannel 20: DIY Enterprise

DIY Enterprise: The Next Generation of 3-D Printing

What do you do when you want to depict the destruction of the USS Enterprise from The Search for Spock, but all you have on hand is the Millennium Falcon—and you only have 15 minutes to remedy the situation? You 3D print the Enterprise, of course! This is 2014 after all. But even this solution could normally take five hours. What you need is a miracle. But don't call Scotty! Instead, call Yong Chen of the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering. In a new video produced by the school, the venerable 1701 is resurrected in just 15 minutes.


Watch the video on StarTrek.com.



George Takei Tweet Boosts Solar Roadways

When Sulu speaks, people listen—and jump into action for a good cause. When George Takei heard about a project to revolutionize streets and sidewalks, turning them into energy generators that can power cities, he tweeted the info out to his 8 million Twitter followers. The next day, the Indiegogo campaign to fund the project, which is the brainchild of North Idaho couple Scott and Julie Brusaw, passed it's $1 million goal—and it hasn't looked back since.


View the Indiegogo campaign and find out more about the project.


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Hyperchannel 19: Happy Planet Forbidden Day

Celebrating 30 Years of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

After Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan breathed new life and excitement in to Star Trek in 1982, fans were eager for the next adventure of the USS Enterprise. There was just one problem: the ship would be setting sail without a key member of her crew—Spock. Fortunately we only had to live without our favorite Vulcan for two years before Harve Bennett gave him back to us in 1984. As hard as it is to believe, it's now been 30 years since Kirk violated orders and returned to Genesis. June 1 isn't known as Planet Forbidden Day; but it should be. It was on June 1, 1984, that Star Trek III premiered, and to commemorate the occassion StarTrek.com provides a trivia-filled look back.

Read the StarTrek.com's look back at the film.


Teleportation Could Become Reality… Eventually

Do you hate to travel? Not the part where you visit new and exciting places—or family and friends who live far away—but the part where you sit on an airplane for five hours. Ever wish you could simply beam to Hawai'i for an afternoon on the beach or to Las Vegas for the Star Trek convention? If so, it seems there is nothing in the laws of physics stopping you from doing it. All you need is some technological and scientific advancement, along with a lot of patience—because it isn't happening anytime soon. But scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands are proving that it is possible, and say that it could become a reality in the far future.

Read the full piece—including an explanation of the experiment—from The Telegraph.

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Hyperchannel 18: Live at the Apollo

CNN remembers "Plato's Stepchildren" (more or less)

As part of its current retrospective on the 1960s, CNN highlighted the Original Series episode "Plato's Stepchildren" as an example of how, in that tumultuous decade, "Television [began] to tackle serious issues." As long-time fans know, this third-season episode is best remembered for a moment often touted as network television's first interracial kiss, when the telepathic Platonians force Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura to lock lips. Unfortunately, CNN didn't summarize the episode with 100% accuracy, but it still highlights the importance of Star Trek in breaking new ground.

Read the full CNN article, "5 surpising things 1960s TV change."


Lost Apollo continues the Five Year Mission in TOS style

Since 2009 we've gotten roughly four hours of content from the rebooted J.J. Abrams Star Trek. That's barely one new TV episode per year. At the end of Into Darkness the Enteprise is ready to finally start that famous five-year mission. Of course, we'll never see it in any substance in the theatre. IDW, however, is bringing us the adventure in comic form through the Star Trek Ongoing series. The last issue, "Lost Apollo, Part 1" delivers the goods with a story that feels very reminiscent of The Original Series.

Read TrekCore's review by Patrick Hayes.

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Hyperchannel 17: Even Devil Rays Like Star Trek

Shatner and Star Trek nominated for TCA Awards

Quick! Name one television show and one actor that have made a lasting impact on American culture—make that global culture. Did you answer Star Trek and William Shatner. If so, the Television Critics Association seems to agree. Star Trek: The Original Series has been nominated for the Heritage Award and William Shatner is up for the Career Achievement Award in the upcoming 30th Annual TCA Awards, which will be handed out on Saturday, July 19.

Find out and view all of the nominees.


Tampa Bay Rays to serve up Star Trek Night

Every Deep Space Nine fan knows that Captain Sisko loves baseball. They also know that sport has died out on Earth by the 24th century. Luckily we still live in the 21st, and so on Friday, June 6, we can watch the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Seattle Mariners on what will be known as Star Trek Night at Tropicana Field. The night will include a showing of the "Chain of Command" Blu-ray trailer and free Star Trek-themed t-shirts.

Find out more and get your tickets.


Reading Rainbow funded in 12 hours

Sometimes a million-dollar goal on a Kickstarter campaign would be viewed as insane. But not when we're talking about the future of our children, literacy, and LeVar Burton. When Burton and Reading Rainbow launched their month-long funding campaign on Wednesday, May 28, they never expected to be funded before they could get started promoting it. In just 12 hours the goal of one million dollars was met, leaving Burton with a tear in his eye over the generosity of the contributors.

Watch LeVar Burton's response to the quick success.

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Hyperchannel 16: I Have a Son, He Will Go to Saturn

Marc Cushman's These Are the Voyages receives Saturn Award

A great deal is known about the making of Star Trek: The Original Series, but what is most amazing is how much isn't know—or at least hasn't been until now. Marc Cushman, the writer who penned the story that became the TNG episode "Sarek," was charged by Gene Roddenberry with the task of writing a comprehensive history of TOS. It took many years for the project to be completed, but this year has seen the release of two massive volumes called These Are the Voyages: TOS—with a third volume on the way—totally more than 2,000 pages of behind-the-scenes material. Such as monumental effort deserves to be honored, and that's just what the Saturn Awards will be doing on June 26 as they recognize the books with a Special Recognition Award.

Find out more at 1701 News.

Get the books—autographed by Marc Cushman.


Five Year Mission Named Official House Band of Star Trek Las Vegas

At long last, something we've been requesting for years has finally happened. Five Year Mission is the official house band of Star Trek Las Vegas 2014! As a new component of STLV, Creation Entertainment will have a full house band on stage during the con to entertain guests. To fill this role Creation has called upon five musicians from Indianapolis whose Five Year Mission is to write an original song for every episode of The Original Series. Noah Butler, Andy Fark, Patrick O'Connor, Mike Rittenhouse, and Chris Spurgin are all veterans of the Indianapolis music scene, and their collaboration has brought fans an eclectic and fun mix of sounds since 2010. This is an exciting and most welcome addition to the summer's festivities!

Find our more about Five Year Mission.

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Hyperchannel 15: The Tower of Babel Crumbles

Microsoft brings Star Trek's Universal Translator to Skype

Are you tired of being misunderstood. Wish you could speak a foreign language? If Microsoft's new Star Trek-like translation technology works, the Tower of Babel could come crumbling down in the near future. Demonstrating a version of Skype containing new on-the-fly translation technology, Microsoft is showing off a tool that allows people who speak different languages to communicate in real time, just as on Star Trek. Will it work? That remain to be seen. But the product is scheduled to enter beta later this year.

Find out more about the technology at <re/code>.net.


Rebooted TNG coming in 2016? (Don't hold your breath.)

As we get closer to the 50th anniversary year of Star Trek, rumors about the next television series are heating up. We've heard a number of different rumors over the past few months—none substantiated, of course. The latest rumor suggests that a new series will premiere in 2016 right after the third (and final) JJ Abrams film leaves theatres. The subject? A reboot of The Next Generation. Will it happen? We doubt it. Do you even want to see it? No link for this story as it's just a rumor, but send us feedback and tell us what you think.

Visit our forums and talk about the next Star Trek series.

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Hyperchannel 14: Rainbows and VISORs

Star Trek prop to help Reading Rainbow grow

One of the most memorable props from Star Trek: The Next Generation is the VISOR worn by Geordi LaForge. And the actor who portrayed the blind engineer, LeVar Burton, is bringing the VISOR out of storage to help raise money to help revive his famous children's show Reading Rainbow. PBS stopped airing the show in 2009 after an amazing 26-year run, and since 2012 the program has existed in the form of an app for iPad and Kindle Fire. As part of a Kickstarter beginning May 28, you can actually try the VISOR on yourself.

Find out more about Burton's plans for Reading Rainbow.


Jonathan Frakes to direct new television series

Many Star Trek actors have gone on to direct both within the franchise and beyond. Jonathan Frakes has stayed busy behind the camera over the years as a director and a producer, and his hand will be seen once again later this year when TNT revives the Librarian trilogy as a new television series. Frakes, who directed the second and third parts of the trilogy, will direct a number of episode of the new show that stars Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, and John Larroquette.

Find out more about The Librarians.

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Hyperchannel 13: The School of Manly Fighting

Enroll in the School of Manly Fighting and Learn Kirk Fu

If a lizard has ever snuck up on you and left you unsure what to do, you can fix that by enrolling in the School of Manly Fighting. That's where you'll learn Kirk Fu, a futuristic martial art proven effective against reptile attackers. You learn how to use The Lumberjack, The Jumping Jim, The Angry Hug, The Full Broadside, The Chopnado, and The Last Resort (which is throwing a rock) to fend off stiff, knife-wielding baddies.

See the artwork and get your t-shirt at Teepublic.com. 


Linda Park Cooks Up an Urbn Harvest

Exploring the galaxy and saving Earth was a non-stop adventure for Linda Park, the actress who portrayed Hoshi Sato on Enterprise. After so much excitement, relaxing and cooking seemed like a much better way to spend her days. And that's just what Park does in her new web series, Urbn Harvest, an exploration of Los Angeles, good food, and spending time with family and friends.

Find out more about Urbn Harvest.

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Hyperchannel 12: The Art on the Edge of Forever

Moore and Braga Look Back at "All Good Things…" 20 Years Later

On the 20th anniversary of the airing of TNG's finale, "All Good Things…" writers Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga sat down with Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV to reminisce about the writing of the episode and the hectic times that surrounded it. It's hard to believe that two decades have passed since Q sent Picard hopping through time, and still perhaps no TV series has topped this finale.

Read the full interview on the Yahoo TV website.


J. K. Woodward Shares His Art Process for The City On the Edge of Forever

In August IDW and Harlan Ellison will bring us the graphic novel adaptation of Ellison's original script for "The City On the Edge of Forever." The artwork that has been revealed thus far is a fitting stylistic take on this story that became one of the most memorable moments of The Original Series. On his blog, artist J. K. Woodward has posted a step-by-step demonstation of his process for creating one page of the graphic novel, taking you through how he works with reference photos, masking, backgrounds, shadow detail, mid/foreground color, and unmasking.

See the process on Woodward's blog.

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Hyperchannel 11: Leonard Nimoy is Out of This World

Leonard Nimoy POPS In On Boston

If you're a fan of classical music, movie scores, and Star Trek, and you're in the Boston area, you'll want to drop by Symphony Hall in downtown Boston on the evenings of May 23 and 24. Leonard Nimoy will be popping in on Boston to lead the Boston Pops special event "Out of this World." It's a night of music that includes Gustav Holst's The Planets, Richard Strauss's "Also Sprach Zarathrusta," and John William's scores from Star Wars, E.T., and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Find out more and get tickets throught the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


Marina Sirtis Talks the Future of Trek

The Next Generation cast gathered once again this past weekend to delight convention goers, this time at the Dallas Comic Con. During the discussion, Marina Sirtis, who portrayed Deanna Troi on TNG and continues to do so in the hearts of fans worldwide, was asked about the future of the franchise. She is certain that there will be another series, although she has no inside information. She also talked about why she loves appearing at cons.

Find out what else Marina said. Read the full article on the CBS Dallas-Ft. Worth website.

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Hyperchannel 10: Jolan Tru!

Star Trek Replicator Could Arrive in 12 Months

We all want Star Trek technology in our lives; and not just iPads. Replicators are near the top of the list for many, and if scientists at Imperial College London have their way we could all be sipping raktajino by next summer. (In which case we hope it's iced.) Using a theory first proposed in 1934, scientists have figured out how to turn light into matter. All you need is a bit of gold.… and a photon-photon collider.

Find out how it works in this article on the Pocket Lint website.


Jolan Tru! New Romulus Weekend is Coming

This month marks the one year anniversary of Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus, and to mark the occasion STO will be running an in-game event from May 22 to May 27. Players will enjoy some permanent bonuses as a result of the milestone, and some other special "gifts" will be available only between May 22 and 27. BUt remember what Doctor McCoy said... beware Romulans bearing gifts! Also, during the event, players can grab both the Legacy of Romulus Legacy Pack and the Legacy of Romulus Starter Pack for a special price of 12,500 and 2,000 Zen respectively.

Find out all about the New Romulus Weekend on the Star Trek Online Dev Blog.


Rene Auberjonois Join Cast of Master of Sex

A quick casting note for fans of Deep Space Nine... Rene Aberjonois, who brought a bucket of goo to life in the role of Odo—and who has since delighted viewers on shows such as Boston Legal, Archer, and Warehouse 13—will be joining the cast of the Showtime's "Masters of Sex," a drama about the pioneers of the science of human sexuality whose research touched off the sexual revolution. The show, which was nominated for Best Drama in the 2014 Golden Globes, returns for its second season on July 13.

Find out more from Variety.

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Hyperchannel 9: Oculus: The Next Generation

Oculus Rift goes Galaxy Class

If you follow Star Trek—or even general technology news—you no doubt heard about the recent recreation of the USS Voyager bridge for the Oculus Rift, a $350 3D virtual reality headset that maker Oculus VR bills as "Next-Gen Virtual Reality. Not to be left out, TNG fans can now take command of the Enterprise-D. Irish filmmaker Enda O'connor has recreated both the 1701-D bridge and Captain Picard's ready room to allow Oculus Rift owners to set foot in the 24th century.

Find out more and watch the video on the NBC News website.



Tribbles Week Redux on Tor.com

If you're a Deep Space Nine fans and you do not frequent Tor.com, you should. Each week renowned Star Trek author Keith R.A. DeCandido gives you an in-depth look at a DS9 episode as part of his Deep Space Nine rewatch. This week kicks off "Tribble Week Redux" as Keith arrives at that legendary tribute episode, "Trials and Tribble-ations." Do you know all there is to know about the Defiant's trip back in time Deep Space Station K-7?

Read Keith's "Trials and Tribble-ations" piece at Tor.com.


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Hyperchannel 8: In Brillanter HD Qualität

IDW takes you to Deep Space 9… Abramsverse Style

Fans of Q will interested in what IDW has in store for us starting in July... of maybe not, depending on how you feel about the Abramsverse. Issue #35 of the Star Trek Ongoing series begins a six-part series titled "The Q Gambit." The series, which begins in July, finds the mischievous Q sending James T. Kirk on a quest that will witness the Enterprise joining forces with familiar faces from Trek lore, beginning with the crew of a very familiar space station. We've speculated on Literary Treks that "a very familiar space station" referred to DS9, and the cover art just revealed for Issue #36 confirms this. How do you feel about an Abramsverse DS9?

Check out the cover art at StarTrek.com.



TNG Season 6 Steelbook Lands in Germany

If you're a fan of The Next Generation and you love collectibles, you may just want  to fly over to Germany to pick up your copy of Season 6 on Blu-ray. German fans are getting special treatment in the form of a limited collector's edition steelbook. The edition is exclusive to Amazon.de and the German steelbook releases of each TNG season also include a collector's pin. These include a TNG-era Starfleet badge, Starfleet logo pin, Starfleet Academy pin, Romulan pin, Klingon pin, Borg insignia pin, UFP emblem. The steelbook sells for €69,99 and drops on July 3, 2014.

Find out more and see the steelbook.


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Hyperchannel 7: Where the Hell Are Spock's Ears?!

Michael Giacchino Talk Star Trek: Live in Concert

One of the most delightful part of the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek has been the music. Michael Giacchino has continued the franchise's rich tradition of beautiful scores and has joined the Alexander Courage, Gerald Fried, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, and Ron Jones as one of the great voices behind the visuals. StarTrek.com has published an interview with Giacchino in which the composer talks about writing music for Star Trek and of TV and film projects, what inspires him, his lifelong connection to Star Trek, and advice for those looking to compose for film in the future.

Read the full interview at StarTrek.com.



Voyager Points the Way to Liberation Through Loss

It's unusual to hear fresh perspectives on Voyager 20 years after the show premiered, especially those of someone watching the show for the very first time. In a new article on NPR.org, Ava Noë writes about her experience watching Voyager for the first time here in 2014, and the differences she sees between it and past Star Trek. A key point is liberation through loss, and talks about how—in an age of so much information clutter and noise—sometimes we need to get away from it all.

Read the article and see if you agree at NPR.org.



Patrick Stewart Grills Smithsonian Director on Star Trek

While visiting the National Museum of American History to present four costumes from his latest X-Men film, which are being donated to the collection, Patrick Stewart began to protest the lack of Star Trek memorabilia at the Smithsonian. When it was pointed out to him that they do in fact have Spock's ears in the collection, Stewart insisted that he could give them some more things of real significance and that he would make it his personal mission.

Read the story on the US News & World Report website.


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Hyperchannel 6: Scan, Print, Beam

Zeus 3D Printer is Replicator and Transporter Rolled Into One

We already have PADDs, communicators, and Velcro (remember it actually came from Vulcan!), and now two more Star Trek technologies may be in our near future—the replicator and transporter. At least they are if AIO Robotics succeeds in its vision. The new Zeus 3D printer combines both of these technologies—admittedly on a less magical level—by allowing users to scan an object, 3D print a replica, and fax that object to others. The printer is available now for pre-order at the price of $2,499 and is expected to ship this summer.


The Trek Collective Reviews the USS Reliant

The eleventh issue of the Official Starships Collection from Eagle Moss is out and The Trek Collective has reviewed the tiny ship. Which ship would that be? Well, it's one beautiful enough to make you scream KHAAAANNN!!! The USS Reliant, Khan's inverted Enterprise from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, is the subject of Issue #11 and The Trek Collective seems captivated by it's radiantly blue nacelles.


Star Trek: Horizon nears end of Kickstarter

The independent, feature-length film set during the time of Enterprise, Star Trek: Horizon, will be reaching the end of its Kickstarter at noon on Monday, May 19. If you haven't yet contributed, there's still time to check out the amazing work that Tommy Kraft and the rest of the Horizon cast and crew are doing. The story takes place during The Romulan War and centers on the NX-04 Discovery. It's an example of extreme dedication and creative talent, and is being done on what we'll generously call a shoestring budget—though you would never know from the professional level of the visuals and story. Visit the Horizon website and Kickstarter to find out more through the images, updates, and some fantastic behind-the-scenes production videos.

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Hyperchannel 5: From Red Star to Axanar

Takei dishes on his favorite TOS episode and Star Trek 2016

In a new two-minute video from The Washington Post, Star Trek's original Hikaru Sulu, George Takei, answers four questions about the franchise. He was asked about his favorite episode (hint: it involves fencing), the best thing about being on Star Trek, which character he misses most, and his thoughts on the future of the franchise, the next film, and Roberto Orci as director.


Christian Gossett talks Red Star and Star Trek: Axanar

Comic Book Resources interviewed artist Christian Gossett about IDW's new Treasury Collection release of his groundbreaking comic, The Red Star. In addition to talking about the inspiration, creative process, and potential TV or film version, he also discussed the Star Trek project that he is directing, the independent film Star Trek: Axanar, which is being produced by Alec Peters.

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Hyperchannel 4: The Mirror, Cracked

John Byrne's Mirror Cracked

Following the success of last year's Strange New Worlds photo comic from John Byrne, IDW announced that the concept would become a new ongoing series called New Visions. Beginning today, Star Trek comic fans can look forward to bi-monthly entries starting with Issue 1 titled The Mirror, Cracked. In these comics, legend John Byrne takes screen stills from TOS episodes and using them to craft new stories. They're not just a series of familiar scenes, however. Byrne goes to great lengths to create new moments by combining elements of multiple scenes and sometimes adding new effects and elements using Photoshop. It all adds up to engaging new adventures in the 23rd century.


Royal Albert Hall to host Star Trek Live in Concert

The Royal Albert Hall in London will host the UK premiere of Star Trek—Live in Concert May 29 through 31, 2014. Concertgoers will hear Michael Giacchino's inspired score brought to life on stage by the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus whilst J.J. Abrams's Star Trek, one of the blockbusters of 2009, is shown in HD on the big screen. The orchestra will be conducted by Ludwig Wicki, and tickets are available through the Royal Albert Hall website. In addition, the follow up event, Star Trek Into Darkness—Live in Concert, will take place in the Hall on May 30 and 31.

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3: Spotting Terry Farrell

Robert Orci confirmed as director of "Star Trek 3" 

Following up on our story from yesterday, it has now been confirmed by multiple media outlets that Paramount has indeed selected Roberto Orci to direct the next Star Trek film, slated to drop in 2016. Reaction from fans has been mixed—and slanted to the negative—so it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming months and as we move closer toward actual production. 


Trekked-Out Florida Estate Goes on the Market

Marc H. Bell, financier and two-time Tony Award-winning producer, has put his Boca Raton, Florida, estate on the market for $35 million. What's so special about the joint? It's seriously punked out Star Trek style. The most expensive single-family home currently listed in South Palm Beach County has a Star Trek-themed theatre room that resembles the Enterprise-D bridge, a Borg alcove (Bell does have to regenerate, after all!), and many more leisure spaces that show not only a love for Star Trek but also sports and first-person shooters. It's not all fun and games though. There's also a library, eight bedrooms, and 16 bathrooms. How can you fit all of this into one house? It's easy when you have 27,000 square feet to work with. If you're interested in purchasing it, check out The Palm Beach Post.


Westmore to Put the Spots Back on Terry Farrell 

Cosplaying is nothing new to Star Trek Las Vegas—or to Terry Farrell herself. She can be seen donning TOS threads in the then-World Record costume photo from last year's Star Trek Las Vegas. This time around, she's going a step farther with the help of famed Star Trek makeup artist Michael Westmore. For the first time since leaving Deep Space Nine at the end of the show's sixth season, Farrell will once again have the Trill make up applied. So be sure you attend STLV and see if you can spot her.

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2: Khan Goes Irish

The Irish Film Institute to screen The Wrath of Khan in 70mm | Star Trek: The Continuing Mission releases Episode 8 | TrekCore interview Anthony Montgomery

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1: Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Orci now frontrunner for "Trek 3" director


Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Roberto Orci is now considered the "frontrunner" to direct the next Star Trek film, currently slated for a 2016 release. It had been previously reported that Orci was interested but that Paramount was cautious about the idea. It would be Orci's first time in the director's chair, although he has a wealth of experience working on big-name TV and film projects as a writer and producer.


About the risks of a tapping a first-time director for a project of this magnitude, Deadline Hollwood said, "Orci could be an exception [for a first-time-director] because he has been involved for so long as writer and producer in shaping such big scale films as the Star Trek films as well as the Transformers and Amazing Spider-Man movies... Paramount’s partner, Skydance Productions, has been in Orci’s corner, but Paramount needed convincing. Now it all could happen at warp speed."




Shatner's Brown Bag Wine Tasting has a new home


William Shatner has a knack for bringing fun and unique projects to the world, and his show Brown Bag Wine Tasting certainly qualifies. The show, which has been appearing on Shatner's own website, will be making the move to Ora.T.V. beginning June 23. The concept of the show is simple: Shatner accosts ordinary people with a bottle of wine in a brown bag and strikes up a conversation. As he told StarTrek.com in a recent interview:


"It’s me interviewing people. Talking to people, it can take time for them to warm up. My insertion, if you will, is a sip of wine from a brown bag. We analyze the wine and then the guests talk about themselves, and they’re mostly man on the street people rather than celebrities. They’re literally man on the street; they’ll be walking by and I’ll accost them and start talking to them."




Star Trek Online releases new Tempest and Maelstrom Class escort ships


If you're looking for new escort ships with a bit of extra firepower, STO has two new options for you. The Tempest Class improves on the original design and gives your weapons systems some extra punch with a Nadion Saturation Bomb console and an Aft-Firing Tempest Tail Gun. Of course, there are new Tempest Class costumes that are set by default, and those can be worn by whomever you put in the fifth tactical seat.



The second option is the Maelstrom Class, which is available if you have a Tier 1 Fleet Shipyard.  It gives you a third engineering console rather that a fifth tactical seat, and includes the Aft-Firing Tempest Tail Gun despite lacking the Nadion Saturation Bomb console. You'll need to be a Vice Admiral or higher to get your hands on either of these new escort options.

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If you're a longtime listener, you may remember Hyperchannel, our video show that took you on a quick ride through Star Trek news each week. As Trek.fm grew into an audio network, we had to leave video behind. It's time to open the Star Trek news hailing frequencies again… audio-only.

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