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Hyperchannel 18: Live at the Apollo

CNN remembers "Plato's Stepchildren" (more or less)

As part of its current retrospective on the 1960s, CNN highlighted the Original Series episode "Plato's Stepchildren" as an example of how, in that tumultuous decade, "Television [began] to tackle serious issues." As long-time fans know, this third-season episode is best remembered for a moment often touted as network television's first interracial kiss, when the telepathic Platonians force Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura to lock lips. Unfortunately, CNN didn't summarize the episode with 100% accuracy, but it still highlights the importance of Star Trek in breaking new ground.

Read the full CNN article, "5 surpising things 1960s TV change."


Lost Apollo continues the Five Year Mission in TOS style

Since 2009 we've gotten roughly four hours of content from the rebooted J.J. Abrams Star Trek. That's barely one new TV episode per year. At the end of Into Darkness the Enteprise is ready to finally start that famous five-year mission. Of course, we'll never see it in any substance in the theatre. IDW, however, is bringing us the adventure in comic form through the Star Trek Ongoing series. The last issue, "Lost Apollo, Part 1" delivers the goods with a story that feels very reminiscent of The Original Series.

Read TrekCore's review by Patrick Hayes.

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Hyperchannel 17: Even Devil Rays Like Star Trek

Shatner and Star Trek nominated for TCA Awards

Quick! Name one television show and one actor that have made a lasting impact on American culture—make that global culture. Did you answer Star Trek and William Shatner. If so, the Television Critics Association seems to agree. Star Trek: The Original Series has been nominated for the Heritage Award and William Shatner is up for the Career Achievement Award in the upcoming 30th Annual TCA Awards, which will be handed out on Saturday, July 19.

Find out and view all of the nominees.


Tampa Bay Rays to serve up Star Trek Night

Every Deep Space Nine fan knows that Captain Sisko loves baseball. They also know that sport has died out on Earth by the 24th century. Luckily we still live in the 21st, and so on Friday, June 6, we can watch the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Seattle Mariners on what will be known as Star Trek Night at Tropicana Field. The night will include a showing of the "Chain of Command" Blu-ray trailer and free Star Trek-themed t-shirts.

Find out more and get your tickets.


Reading Rainbow funded in 12 hours

Sometimes a million-dollar goal on a Kickstarter campaign would be viewed as insane. But not when we're talking about the future of our children, literacy, and LeVar Burton. When Burton and Reading Rainbow launched their month-long funding campaign on Wednesday, May 28, they never expected to be funded before they could get started promoting it. In just 12 hours the goal of one million dollars was met, leaving Burton with a tear in his eye over the generosity of the contributors.

Watch LeVar Burton's response to the quick success.

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Hyperchannel 16: I Have a Son, He Will Go to Saturn

Marc Cushman's These Are the Voyages receives Saturn Award

A great deal is known about the making of Star Trek: The Original Series, but what is most amazing is how much isn't know—or at least hasn't been until now. Marc Cushman, the writer who penned the story that became the TNG episode "Sarek," was charged by Gene Roddenberry with the task of writing a comprehensive history of TOS. It took many years for the project to be completed, but this year has seen the release of two massive volumes called These Are the Voyages: TOS—with a third volume on the way—totally more than 2,000 pages of behind-the-scenes material. Such as monumental effort deserves to be honored, and that's just what the Saturn Awards will be doing on June 26 as they recognize the books with a Special Recognition Award.

Find out more at 1701 News.

Get the books—autographed by Marc Cushman.


Five Year Mission Named Official House Band of Star Trek Las Vegas

At long last, something we've been requesting for years has finally happened. Five Year Mission is the official house band of Star Trek Las Vegas 2014! As a new component of STLV, Creation Entertainment will have a full house band on stage during the con to entertain guests. To fill this role Creation has called upon five musicians from Indianapolis whose Five Year Mission is to write an original song for every episode of The Original Series. Noah Butler, Andy Fark, Patrick O'Connor, Mike Rittenhouse, and Chris Spurgin are all veterans of the Indianapolis music scene, and their collaboration has brought fans an eclectic and fun mix of sounds since 2010. This is an exciting and most welcome addition to the summer's festivities!

Find our more about Five Year Mission.

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Hyperchannel 15: The Tower of Babel Crumbles

Microsoft brings Star Trek's Universal Translator to Skype

Are you tired of being misunderstood. Wish you could speak a foreign language? If Microsoft's new Star Trek-like translation technology works, the Tower of Babel could come crumbling down in the near future. Demonstrating a version of Skype containing new on-the-fly translation technology, Microsoft is showing off a tool that allows people who speak different languages to communicate in real time, just as on Star Trek. Will it work? That remain to be seen. But the product is scheduled to enter beta later this year.

Find out more about the technology at <re/code>.net.


Rebooted TNG coming in 2016? (Don't hold your breath.)

As we get closer to the 50th anniversary year of Star Trek, rumors about the next television series are heating up. We've heard a number of different rumors over the past few months—none substantiated, of course. The latest rumor suggests that a new series will premiere in 2016 right after the third (and final) JJ Abrams film leaves theatres. The subject? A reboot of The Next Generation. Will it happen? We doubt it. Do you even want to see it? No link for this story as it's just a rumor, but send us feedback and tell us what you think.

Visit our forums and talk about the next Star Trek series.

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Hyperchannel 14: Rainbows and VISORs

Star Trek prop to help Reading Rainbow grow

One of the most memorable props from Star Trek: The Next Generation is the VISOR worn by Geordi LaForge. And the actor who portrayed the blind engineer, LeVar Burton, is bringing the VISOR out of storage to help raise money to help revive his famous children's show Reading Rainbow. PBS stopped airing the show in 2009 after an amazing 26-year run, and since 2012 the program has existed in the form of an app for iPad and Kindle Fire. As part of a Kickstarter beginning May 28, you can actually try the VISOR on yourself.

Find out more about Burton's plans for Reading Rainbow.


Jonathan Frakes to direct new television series

Many Star Trek actors have gone on to direct both within the franchise and beyond. Jonathan Frakes has stayed busy behind the camera over the years as a director and a producer, and his hand will be seen once again later this year when TNT revives the Librarian trilogy as a new television series. Frakes, who directed the second and third parts of the trilogy, will direct a number of episode of the new show that stars Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, and John Larroquette.

Find out more about The Librarians.

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Hyperchannel 13: The School of Manly Fighting

Enroll in the School of Manly Fighting and Learn Kirk Fu

If a lizard has ever snuck up on you and left you unsure what to do, you can fix that by enrolling in the School of Manly Fighting. That's where you'll learn Kirk Fu, a futuristic martial art proven effective against reptile attackers. You learn how to use The Lumberjack, The Jumping Jim, The Angry Hug, The Full Broadside, The Chopnado, and The Last Resort (which is throwing a rock) to fend off stiff, knife-wielding baddies.

See the artwork and get your t-shirt at Teepublic.com. 


Linda Park Cooks Up an Urbn Harvest

Exploring the galaxy and saving Earth was a non-stop adventure for Linda Park, the actress who portrayed Hoshi Sato on Enterprise. After so much excitement, relaxing and cooking seemed like a much better way to spend her days. And that's just what Park does in her new web series, Urbn Harvest, an exploration of Los Angeles, good food, and spending time with family and friends.

Find out more about Urbn Harvest.

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Hyperchannel 12: The Art on the Edge of Forever

Moore and Braga Look Back at "All Good Things…" 20 Years Later

On the 20th anniversary of the airing of TNG's finale, "All Good Things…" writers Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga sat down with Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV to reminisce about the writing of the episode and the hectic times that surrounded it. It's hard to believe that two decades have passed since Q sent Picard hopping through time, and still perhaps no TV series has topped this finale.

Read the full interview on the Yahoo TV website.


J. K. Woodward Shares His Art Process for The City On the Edge of Forever

In August IDW and Harlan Ellison will bring us the graphic novel adaptation of Ellison's original script for "The City On the Edge of Forever." The artwork that has been revealed thus far is a fitting stylistic take on this story that became one of the most memorable moments of The Original Series. On his blog, artist J. K. Woodward has posted a step-by-step demonstation of his process for creating one page of the graphic novel, taking you through how he works with reference photos, masking, backgrounds, shadow detail, mid/foreground color, and unmasking.

See the process on Woodward's blog.

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Hyperchannel 11: Leonard Nimoy is Out of This World

Leonard Nimoy POPS In On Boston

If you're a fan of classical music, movie scores, and Star Trek, and you're in the Boston area, you'll want to drop by Symphony Hall in downtown Boston on the evenings of May 23 and 24. Leonard Nimoy will be popping in on Boston to lead the Boston Pops special event "Out of this World." It's a night of music that includes Gustav Holst's The Planets, Richard Strauss's "Also Sprach Zarathrusta," and John William's scores from Star Wars, E.T., and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Find out more and get tickets throught the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


Marina Sirtis Talks the Future of Trek

The Next Generation cast gathered once again this past weekend to delight convention goers, this time at the Dallas Comic Con. During the discussion, Marina Sirtis, who portrayed Deanna Troi on TNG and continues to do so in the hearts of fans worldwide, was asked about the future of the franchise. She is certain that there will be another series, although she has no inside information. She also talked about why she loves appearing at cons.

Find out what else Marina said. Read the full article on the CBS Dallas-Ft. Worth website.

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Hyperchannel 10: Jolan Tru!

Star Trek Replicator Could Arrive in 12 Months

We all want Star Trek technology in our lives; and not just iPads. Replicators are near the top of the list for many, and if scientists at Imperial College London have their way we could all be sipping raktajino by next summer. (In which case we hope it's iced.) Using a theory first proposed in 1934, scientists have figured out how to turn light into matter. All you need is a bit of gold.… and a photon-photon collider.

Find out how it works in this article on the Pocket Lint website.


Jolan Tru! New Romulus Weekend is Coming

This month marks the one year anniversary of Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus, and to mark the occasion STO will be running an in-game event from May 22 to May 27. Players will enjoy some permanent bonuses as a result of the milestone, and some other special "gifts" will be available only between May 22 and 27. BUt remember what Doctor McCoy said... beware Romulans bearing gifts! Also, during the event, players can grab both the Legacy of Romulus Legacy Pack and the Legacy of Romulus Starter Pack for a special price of 12,500 and 2,000 Zen respectively.

Find out all about the New Romulus Weekend on the Star Trek Online Dev Blog.


Rene Auberjonois Join Cast of Master of Sex

A quick casting note for fans of Deep Space Nine... Rene Aberjonois, who brought a bucket of goo to life in the role of Odo—and who has since delighted viewers on shows such as Boston Legal, Archer, and Warehouse 13—will be joining the cast of the Showtime's "Masters of Sex," a drama about the pioneers of the science of human sexuality whose research touched off the sexual revolution. The show, which was nominated for Best Drama in the 2014 Golden Globes, returns for its second season on July 13.

Find out more from Variety.

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Hyperchannel 9: Oculus: The Next Generation

Oculus Rift goes Galaxy Class

If you follow Star Trek—or even general technology news—you no doubt heard about the recent recreation of the USS Voyager bridge for the Oculus Rift, a $350 3D virtual reality headset that maker Oculus VR bills as "Next-Gen Virtual Reality. Not to be left out, TNG fans can now take command of the Enterprise-D. Irish filmmaker Enda O'connor has recreated both the 1701-D bridge and Captain Picard's ready room to allow Oculus Rift owners to set foot in the 24th century.

Find out more and watch the video on the NBC News website.



Tribbles Week Redux on Tor.com

If you're a Deep Space Nine fans and you do not frequent Tor.com, you should. Each week renowned Star Trek author Keith R.A. DeCandido gives you an in-depth look at a DS9 episode as part of his Deep Space Nine rewatch. This week kicks off "Tribble Week Redux" as Keith arrives at that legendary tribute episode, "Trials and Tribble-ations." Do you know all there is to know about the Defiant's trip back in time Deep Space Station K-7?

Read Keith's "Trials and Tribble-ations" piece at Tor.com.


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Hyperchannel 8: In Brillanter HD Qualität

IDW takes you to Deep Space 9… Abramsverse Style

Fans of Q will interested in what IDW has in store for us starting in July... of maybe not, depending on how you feel about the Abramsverse. Issue #35 of the Star Trek Ongoing series begins a six-part series titled "The Q Gambit." The series, which begins in July, finds the mischievous Q sending James T. Kirk on a quest that will witness the Enterprise joining forces with familiar faces from Trek lore, beginning with the crew of a very familiar space station. We've speculated on Literary Treks that "a very familiar space station" referred to DS9, and the cover art just revealed for Issue #36 confirms this. How do you feel about an Abramsverse DS9?

Check out the cover art at StarTrek.com.



TNG Season 6 Steelbook Lands in Germany

If you're a fan of The Next Generation and you love collectibles, you may just want  to fly over to Germany to pick up your copy of Season 6 on Blu-ray. German fans are getting special treatment in the form of a limited collector's edition steelbook. The edition is exclusive to Amazon.de and the German steelbook releases of each TNG season also include a collector's pin. These include a TNG-era Starfleet badge, Starfleet logo pin, Starfleet Academy pin, Romulan pin, Klingon pin, Borg insignia pin, UFP emblem. The steelbook sells for €69,99 and drops on July 3, 2014.

Find out more and see the steelbook.


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Hyperchannel 7: Where the Hell Are Spock's Ears?!

Michael Giacchino Talk Star Trek: Live in Concert

One of the most delightful part of the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek has been the music. Michael Giacchino has continued the franchise's rich tradition of beautiful scores and has joined the Alexander Courage, Gerald Fried, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, and Ron Jones as one of the great voices behind the visuals. StarTrek.com has published an interview with Giacchino in which the composer talks about writing music for Star Trek and of TV and film projects, what inspires him, his lifelong connection to Star Trek, and advice for those looking to compose for film in the future.

Read the full interview at StarTrek.com.



Voyager Points the Way to Liberation Through Loss

It's unusual to hear fresh perspectives on Voyager 20 years after the show premiered, especially those of someone watching the show for the very first time. In a new article on NPR.org, Ava Noë writes about her experience watching Voyager for the first time here in 2014, and the differences she sees between it and past Star Trek. A key point is liberation through loss, and talks about how—in an age of so much information clutter and noise—sometimes we need to get away from it all.

Read the article and see if you agree at NPR.org.



Patrick Stewart Grills Smithsonian Director on Star Trek

While visiting the National Museum of American History to present four costumes from his latest X-Men film, which are being donated to the collection, Patrick Stewart began to protest the lack of Star Trek memorabilia at the Smithsonian. When it was pointed out to him that they do in fact have Spock's ears in the collection, Stewart insisted that he could give them some more things of real significance and that he would make it his personal mission.

Read the story on the US News & World Report website.


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Hyperchannel 6: Scan, Print, Beam

Zeus 3D Printer is Replicator and Transporter Rolled Into One

We already have PADDs, communicators, and Velcro (remember it actually came from Vulcan!), and now two more Star Trek technologies may be in our near future—the replicator and transporter. At least they are if AIO Robotics succeeds in its vision. The new Zeus 3D printer combines both of these technologies—admittedly on a less magical level—by allowing users to scan an object, 3D print a replica, and fax that object to others. The printer is available now for pre-order at the price of $2,499 and is expected to ship this summer.


The Trek Collective Reviews the USS Reliant

The eleventh issue of the Official Starships Collection from Eagle Moss is out and The Trek Collective has reviewed the tiny ship. Which ship would that be? Well, it's one beautiful enough to make you scream KHAAAANNN!!! The USS Reliant, Khan's inverted Enterprise from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, is the subject of Issue #11 and The Trek Collective seems captivated by it's radiantly blue nacelles.


Star Trek: Horizon nears end of Kickstarter

The independent, feature-length film set during the time of Enterprise, Star Trek: Horizon, will be reaching the end of its Kickstarter at noon on Monday, May 19. If you haven't yet contributed, there's still time to check out the amazing work that Tommy Kraft and the rest of the Horizon cast and crew are doing. The story takes place during The Romulan War and centers on the NX-04 Discovery. It's an example of extreme dedication and creative talent, and is being done on what we'll generously call a shoestring budget—though you would never know from the professional level of the visuals and story. Visit the Horizon website and Kickstarter to find out more through the images, updates, and some fantastic behind-the-scenes production videos.

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Hyperchannel 5: From Red Star to Axanar

Takei dishes on his favorite TOS episode and Star Trek 2016

In a new two-minute video from The Washington Post, Star Trek's original Hikaru Sulu, George Takei, answers four questions about the franchise. He was asked about his favorite episode (hint: it involves fencing), the best thing about being on Star Trek, which character he misses most, and his thoughts on the future of the franchise, the next film, and Roberto Orci as director.


Christian Gossett talks Red Star and Star Trek: Axanar

Comic Book Resources interviewed artist Christian Gossett about IDW's new Treasury Collection release of his groundbreaking comic, The Red Star. In addition to talking about the inspiration, creative process, and potential TV or film version, he also discussed the Star Trek project that he is directing, the independent film Star Trek: Axanar, which is being produced by Alec Peters.

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Hyperchannel 4: The Mirror, Cracked

John Byrne's Mirror Cracked

Following the success of last year's Strange New Worlds photo comic from John Byrne, IDW announced that the concept would become a new ongoing series called New Visions. Beginning today, Star Trek comic fans can look forward to bi-monthly entries starting with Issue 1 titled The Mirror, Cracked. In these comics, legend John Byrne takes screen stills from TOS episodes and using them to craft new stories. They're not just a series of familiar scenes, however. Byrne goes to great lengths to create new moments by combining elements of multiple scenes and sometimes adding new effects and elements using Photoshop. It all adds up to engaging new adventures in the 23rd century.


Royal Albert Hall to host Star Trek Live in Concert

The Royal Albert Hall in London will host the UK premiere of Star Trek—Live in Concert May 29 through 31, 2014. Concertgoers will hear Michael Giacchino's inspired score brought to life on stage by the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus whilst J.J. Abrams's Star Trek, one of the blockbusters of 2009, is shown in HD on the big screen. The orchestra will be conducted by Ludwig Wicki, and tickets are available through the Royal Albert Hall website. In addition, the follow up event, Star Trek Into Darkness—Live in Concert, will take place in the Hall on May 30 and 31.

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3: Spotting Terry Farrell

Robert Orci confirmed as director of "Star Trek 3" 

Following up on our story from yesterday, it has now been confirmed by multiple media outlets that Paramount has indeed selected Roberto Orci to direct the next Star Trek film, slated to drop in 2016. Reaction from fans has been mixed—and slanted to the negative—so it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming months and as we move closer toward actual production. 


Trekked-Out Florida Estate Goes on the Market

Marc H. Bell, financier and two-time Tony Award-winning producer, has put his Boca Raton, Florida, estate on the market for $35 million. What's so special about the joint? It's seriously punked out Star Trek style. The most expensive single-family home currently listed in South Palm Beach County has a Star Trek-themed theatre room that resembles the Enterprise-D bridge, a Borg alcove (Bell does have to regenerate, after all!), and many more leisure spaces that show not only a love for Star Trek but also sports and first-person shooters. It's not all fun and games though. There's also a library, eight bedrooms, and 16 bathrooms. How can you fit all of this into one house? It's easy when you have 27,000 square feet to work with. If you're interested in purchasing it, check out The Palm Beach Post.


Westmore to Put the Spots Back on Terry Farrell 

Cosplaying is nothing new to Star Trek Las Vegas—or to Terry Farrell herself. She can be seen donning TOS threads in the then-World Record costume photo from last year's Star Trek Las Vegas. This time around, she's going a step farther with the help of famed Star Trek makeup artist Michael Westmore. For the first time since leaving Deep Space Nine at the end of the show's sixth season, Farrell will once again have the Trill make up applied. So be sure you attend STLV and see if you can spot her.

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2: Khan Goes Irish

The Irish Film Institute to screen The Wrath of Khan in 70mm | Star Trek: The Continuing Mission releases Episode 8 | TrekCore interview Anthony Montgomery

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1: Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Orci now frontrunner for "Trek 3" director


Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Roberto Orci is now considered the "frontrunner" to direct the next Star Trek film, currently slated for a 2016 release. It had been previously reported that Orci was interested but that Paramount was cautious about the idea. It would be Orci's first time in the director's chair, although he has a wealth of experience working on big-name TV and film projects as a writer and producer.


About the risks of a tapping a first-time director for a project of this magnitude, Deadline Hollwood said, "Orci could be an exception [for a first-time-director] because he has been involved for so long as writer and producer in shaping such big scale films as the Star Trek films as well as the Transformers and Amazing Spider-Man movies... Paramount’s partner, Skydance Productions, has been in Orci’s corner, but Paramount needed convincing. Now it all could happen at warp speed."




Shatner's Brown Bag Wine Tasting has a new home


William Shatner has a knack for bringing fun and unique projects to the world, and his show Brown Bag Wine Tasting certainly qualifies. The show, which has been appearing on Shatner's own website, will be making the move to Ora.T.V. beginning June 23. The concept of the show is simple: Shatner accosts ordinary people with a bottle of wine in a brown bag and strikes up a conversation. As he told StarTrek.com in a recent interview:


"It’s me interviewing people. Talking to people, it can take time for them to warm up. My insertion, if you will, is a sip of wine from a brown bag. We analyze the wine and then the guests talk about themselves, and they’re mostly man on the street people rather than celebrities. They’re literally man on the street; they’ll be walking by and I’ll accost them and start talking to them."




Star Trek Online releases new Tempest and Maelstrom Class escort ships


If you're looking for new escort ships with a bit of extra firepower, STO has two new options for you. The Tempest Class improves on the original design and gives your weapons systems some extra punch with a Nadion Saturation Bomb console and an Aft-Firing Tempest Tail Gun. Of course, there are new Tempest Class costumes that are set by default, and those can be worn by whomever you put in the fifth tactical seat.



The second option is the Maelstrom Class, which is available if you have a Tier 1 Fleet Shipyard.  It gives you a third engineering console rather that a fifth tactical seat, and includes the Aft-Firing Tempest Tail Gun despite lacking the Nadion Saturation Bomb console. You'll need to be a Vice Admiral or higher to get your hands on either of these new escort options.

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If you're a longtime listener, you may remember Hyperchannel, our video show that took you on a quick ride through Star Trek news each week. As Trek.fm grew into an audio network, we had to leave video behind. It's time to open the Star Trek news hailing frequencies again… audio-only.

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