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Hyperchannel 66: Two Years to Go at Warp 5.0

Roddenberry teams up with Wikia to celebrate 50 Years Of Star Trek

We're just two years away from the golden anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's incredibly resilient creation, and to help prepare for Star Trek's big Five-Oh Roddenberry Entertainment is teaming up with Wikia. Trek Initiative is the only official Wikia community dedicated to Star Trek, and Rod Roddenberry is calling upon fans to submit videos highlighting their favorite Trek memories. It's part of a two-year trek called Warp 5.0.

Find out more about Warp 5.0.


Future-inspired Star Trek-themed bathroom has it all

Have you every felt that those times during the day when nature calls are really just wasted moments that could be spent consuming Star Trek? Well, you don't have to leave the 24th century behind just to… well, visit Ensign John. One fan has solved the problem by turning their bathroom into a monument to our favorite franchise.

Watch the video of the Star Trek-themed bathroom.


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Hyperchannel 65: Garth Goes to Vegas

Prelude to Axanar public screening set for Star Trek Las Vegas

Those who donated to the Prelude to Axanar Kickstarter, along with 100 lucky fans from the general public, got to see the premiere of the short film at San Diego-Comic Con. The reviews are pouring in and those who have seen it have been blown away. The next stop for the USS Ares will get the History Channel-style documentary in front of many more fans as AMC Town Square 18 in Las Vegas plays host to a public screening alongside Creation Entertainment's Las Vegas Convention.

Watch Prelude to Axanar.



Axanar Kickstarter for full film underway

One thing that made the success of Prelude to Axanar possible was the generous support of fans who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign. 2,123 people donated $101,171 and helped produce once of the most ambitious independent Star Trek films ever.  With Prelude now in front of fans, it's time to start work on the full Axanar film. Supporters once again have a chance to be part of the groundbreaking project as a new Kickstarter begins.

Support the Axanar Kickstarter.



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Hyperchannel 64: Celestial Spirits

Klingon Beer and Vulcan Ale to be on tap at Star Trek Las Vegas

If Star Trek is any indication, aliens have the best drinks in the galaxy. And while Romulan Ale and Samarian Sunsets may not be available here on Earth, Vulcan Ale and Klingon beer are. Thanks to The Federation of Beer, these celestial spirits will be on tap for those attending Star Trek Las Vegas.

Find out more and watch the teaser trailer.



George Takei visits The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The new documentary film by George Takei, titled "To Be Takei," is now out and as part of the promotion the Star Trek actor dropped by Comedy Central's The Daily Show to talk to Jon Stewart about his life experiences. He recounts his memories of living in a Japanese internment camp during World War II and the lessons he learned from his father about democracy.

Watch the full episode of The Daily Show.


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Hyperchannel 63: Do-It-Yourself Ship Design

StarTrek.com announces Ships of the Line design contest

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own starship? Want to be an official part of the historic 50th anniversary of Star Trek? Well, your chance has just docked. CBS and StarTrek.com announced a new contest during the Ships of the Line panel at San Diego Comic-Con that makes you a ship designer. And as the builders of interstellar craft, thirteen lucky winners will be immortalized in the 2016 Ships of the Line calendar.

Get more info and enter the contest.



TREKLAND: On Speaker Volume 3 to debut at Star Trek Las Vegas

The finale of a Star Trek series is a momentous event for both viewers and those who actually create the show. As fans we are often critical of what we see on screen without knowing the story of what went on behind the scenes. No one has stockpiled more of this in-the-moment commentary than Larry Nemecek, but as most of it was captured on old-style cassette tapes as notes for magazine articles the public has never heard it. That has changed with TREKLAND: On Speaker, and a new chapter will be revealed at Star Trek Las Vegas as Larry sheds light on the DS9 finale "What You Leave Behind." 

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Hyperchannel 62: Red Shirts at the Masquerade Ball

The Red Shirt Diaries releases teaser trailer

If you're like us, you've seen every episode of The Original Series dozens of times. Okay... hundreds. But we've always seen the stories from the perspective of the senior staff. What's life really like for the Enterprise's minions? Especially those wearing red? A ten-part comedic web series aims to show you the other side of the seniority ladder as Ensign Williams tries to stay alive to the end of the first ten episodes of TOS.

Watch the Red Shirt Diaries trailer.



Mission Log invites you to the Ball

If you're heading to Star Trek Las Vegas next week and you're a fan of Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast, John and Ken have some great events lined up for you. From "The Landing Party" in the Masquerade Bar on Wednesday to a Friday panel with Rod Roddenberry, be sure to explore the themes and issues of Star Trek with Mission Log while at the Rio.

Get the latest info from Mission Log.


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Hyperchannel 61: If This Van's a Rockin'...

Vancouver dad is selling his Star Trek boogie van

Remember the days when entering a van was like entering the Ritz? Diamond-quilte red velvet, a wet bar, and a comfortable bed wrapped in airbrushed metal featuring your favorite characters or wild animals? 1978 does, and one Vancouver dad is reluctantly letting go of his now that it's not compatible with family life.

See photos of the van.


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Hyperchannel 60: Music Across America

Star Trek: Live In Concert arrives in North America

Michael Giacchino's scores from the last two Star Trek films have been some of the greatest highlights of the franchise's big-screen relaunch. Fans in Europe have been enjoying this music in a unique way through Star Trek: Live In Concert, which most recently stopped in London at the Royal Albert Hall. Finally fans in the United States and Canada can experience these unique events as Giacchino brings the tour to North America.

Find out more about the North American tour dates and tickets.


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Hyperchannel 59: Print In a Digital Age

The Official Star Trek Magazine marks its 50th issue

Star Trek news and insights have existed in print since the early days of fandom. From simple one-page newsletters to full-color publications like Star Trek Communicator and Titan's current publication, print has long been used to deliver news and commentary on our favorite franchise. As the (now-quarterly) Official Star Trek Magazine marks its 50th issue this summer, we ponder the future of magazines and whether the format is still relevant to today's fans.

See pages from the 50th issue.


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Hyperchannel 58: Name That Planet!

Help decide the names of planets orbiting other stars

A year ago Star Trek fans mobilized in an attempt to have one of Pluto's two newly discovered moons named Vulcan. They lost out to the far more appropriate names Kerberos and Styx. Now Trekkies have another chance to put the name of Spock's home planet into real-world use thanks to the International Astronomical Union and Zooniverse—and this time the potential worlds lie beyond our solar system.

Find out more and submit your naming suggestions.


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Hyperchannel 57: Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Orci not a lock to direct Star Trek 2016 after all?

Since May, Star Trek fans have been operating under the assumption that Roberto Orci will be directing the next film, set for release in 2016—the 50th anniversary year of the Star Trek franchise. But could it be that we've all taken a rumor as fact? According to Orci, he is not yet officially involved in the project and it remains to be seen if he will in fact be sitting in the director's chair when filming begins.

Read more at 1701News.



Star Trek: Axanar teams up with Trek.fm for official podcast

Independent productions are becoming more and more common, and the majority focus on TOS. But there are many other parts of the timeline to be fleshed out, and Alec Peters is doing just that with Axanar—the story of the Four Years War between the Federation and Klingon Empire. Prelude to Axanar, a short told in the style of a History Channel special, will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con later this month, and production on the full-length Axanar feature will follow. To keep fans informed on this production, Peters has teamed up with Trek.fm to launch an official weekly podcast.

Listen to the official podcast of Star Trek: Axanar.


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Hyperchannel 56: One Hot Ornament

It's a Star Trek Christmas in July with Hallmark's 2014 ornaments

Since 1991 Hallmark has been giving the holiday season a Star Trek flair with their Keepsake Ornaments. It may only be July, but Hallmark Gold Crown stores across the United States are stocking their shelves with four new additions to this long-running line, including a helmsman, an Orion Slave Girl, a monstrous ship, and something that could be considered a fire hazard for your tree—if it were real.

See the new ornaments.



Quantum Mechanix refits your desktop

If you love collecting starships, there's a new replica headed for your desktop—and it isn't from the Official Starships Collection. Quantum Mechanix, better known as QMx, will soon introduce a metal version of the original USS Enterprise 1701 refit.

See the new QMx replica.


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Hyperchannel 55: An Enterprising Debate

Shuttle Enterprise naming process revealed in declassified memos

When it came time to name NASA's first space shuttle, Star Trek fans jumped into action and flooded the space agency with letters requesting the name Enterprise. And the campaign was successful. This is all well known. But declassified correspondence between President Ford's advisors, cabinet, and others has revealed the reasoning behind the final decision and the internal debate that almost led to the name Constitution.

Read the full piece and excerpts from the memos on io9.


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Hyperchannel 54: Of Community Importance

Star Trek Online's future to be revelead in Las Vegas

While actors and creators from the television series get most of the attention at Star Trek Las Vegas, gamers will have something special to look forward to as well this August. PerfectWorld is sending four key members of the STO team to Creation Entertainment's annual bash to tell players what they can expect in the game in the months to come. What's more, the game developer is running a contest that will see one lucky player win a pair of tickets to the convention.

Find out more about Star Trek Online Season 9.5.


Find out more about the STO Star Trek Las Vegas Ticket Giveaway.



Delaware TV station says Star Trek fulfills community importance requirement

As Star Trek fans, we know that the stories told on our television screens address real world topics that touch our lives. But does Star Trek fulfill the legal definition of community programming? One Delaware TV station is putting the rules to the test by claiming that Star Trek and other classic shows meet the license requirement for programming of community importance as defined by the FCC.

Find out more from Delaware Online.


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Hyperchannel 53: You Must Be Q

Q visits the Abramsverse in IDW's new six-part story

Rewind three years to a time when speculation about the next Star Trek villain was flying and you'll hear some suggest it should be Q. We didn't get Mr. Omnipotent as part of Into Darkness, but thanks to IDW the crew of the Abramsverse Enterprise will finally get their chance to meet the thorn in Picard's side. But how exactly will this work? On July 9 that question will finally be answered as the first issue of The Q Gambit drops.

Read the first five pages on The Trek Collective.


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Hyperchannel 52: The Nitpicker's Guide to TNG-R

Mike and Denise Okuda speak out on Blu-ray FX mistake

The attention to detail practiced by the creative team behind Star Trek: The Next Generation was incredible, particularly when it was assumed that this detail would never be seen. The HD remastering has brought out the finer points of the 24th century as well as the opportunity to "fix" problems that fans have pointed out for years. Most visual FX oddities have been corrected, but some fans are still not satisfied.

See comparisons and the "Timescape" controversy on TrekCore.


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Hyperchannel 51: To Boldly Sculpt

The Bradford Exchange will sculpt the future for you

To boldly sculpt… your own memorial? If you're looking for a way to display your allegiance to the United Federation Planets, The Bradford Exchange has a 9 inch-tall sculpture than can be personally engraved with your name and rank.

Find out more and get yours.


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Hyperchannel 50: Goldibug and the Three Ship Parts

USS Prometheus and Xindi Insectoid ship set course for your desk

For starship lovers, EagleMoss's Official Starships Collection has been like a tall glass of tranya—sweet and refreshing. Having run through most of the lead ships—like the Enterprises and Voyager—as well as the most common enemy vessels like the Klingon Bird-of-Prey and the Romulan War Bird, the collection is now turning its eyes on the obscure. Issue 24 will bring fans the very unique Xindi Insectoid Ship from Enterprise's third season, while Issue 25 will deliver the USS Prometheus and tri-vector assault mode, seen in the Voyager episode "Message In a Bottle." (No word on whether a miniature Andy Dick is included.)

Find out more and see the ships.



John Byrne hints at the future of New Visions

When John Byrne first revealed his project to create photo comics using images sourced from The Original Series, it was hard to imagine how exactly this would work. A similar idea was tried in the 1970s without success. But if anyone in the comic world could pull it off, it is John Byrne. The success of the first volume led to an ongoing series with IDW, and the result has been rich, engaging stories and unique visuals. Now, in his forums, Byrne drops hints at the future direction of New Visions.


Find out more and see the panel from issue 4.


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Hyperchannel 49: The City On the Edge of the Desert

Harlan Ellison signs on as Star Trek Las Vegas's 100th guest

Creation Entertainment's big bash in Las Vegas keeps piling on the riches for fans as they have added their 100th guest for the convention that kicks off on July 31. Joining the already star-studded roster is none other than Harlan Ellison, the famed SF writer behind possibly the most memorable of all TOS episodes, "The City On the Edge of Forever." Ellison has been working with IDW to bring his original City script to life as a graphic novel, and attendees at Star Trek Las Vegas will have a chance to learn about this directly from the author.

Find out more at StarTrek.com.


Starship Farragut to premiere "Conspiracy of Innocence"

Nine years after launch (and a decade after its conception), Starship Farragut is going strong and will premiere its fourth full episode on Saturday, July 5, at its studios in Kingsland, Georgia. "Conspiracy of Innocence" will follow a presentation of the previous episode, "The Price of Anything," and afterwards fans will have a chance to interact with the cast and crew through a Q&A, studio tour, and a meet & greet.


Find out more.

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Hyperchannel 48: A Transformed World

The Internet of Everything coming your way in 2025

With each passing year technology infiltrates more and more areas of our lives. We're more connected today than we were a year ago, but nowhere near as connected as we will be a year from now—of 16. According to a report by analysts at Thomas Reuter, the world is on course to become so connected by 2025 that even towns, cities, and continents could be digitally intertwined. Breakthroughs in medicine, food, and even teleporatation also make their list.

Read the full article on Computerworld.

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